Event Location: Columbia County Fairgrounds


If traveling northbound on Interstate 5 -- take the I-405 exit (the exit is just as you arrive in Portland). Then take the US Hwy 30/West exit to St. Helens on Hwy 30/West. If traveling southbound on Interstate 5 -- take the US Hwy 30/West exit and cross the Willamette River over the Freemont Bridge. Travel to St. Helens on Hwy 30/West. As you approach St. Helens on US Hwy 30/West, turn LEFT (west) onto Gable Road at the first four-way traffic signal light. There is a US Bank and a Safeway/Rite Aid store at this intersection on the left, and a Walmart store on the right. Continue on Gable Road approximately 2/3 miles and you'll come to a stop sign. Turn LEFT at the stop sign. Then continue on about 1 and 1/4 miles on the same road. Note that the name of this road changes from Gable Road to Bachelor Flat Road. Continue to a stop sign at a T-intersection. This intersection is actually at the first corner of the fairgrounds. After stopping, go straight through the intersection, and the road now becomes Saulser Road. Go past the first gate and the main gate and continue on Saulser to the far corner of the fairgrounds where you'll follow the road around to the right. Follow the SCA signs to Gate 5 and you're there!


58892 Saulser Rd.
St. Helens

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