The Grand Thing III


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Ivon Drengr
Date: May 23 , 2008 until May, 26 2008
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on May 23th 2008
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on May 26th 2008

Event site:
Columbia County Fairgrounds
58892 Saulser Rd. St. Helens, OR 97051

The Grand Thing III
May 23rd – May 26th, 2008

Attention: NEW SITE!

The Barony of Stromgard and the Village of Bjorgvin would like to invite you the Third Grand Thing.  This will be a period event focusing on the Nordic and Irish traditions of the Viking era with fighting, contests, games, and a Grand Feast!  There will be a Multi-Weapons Tournament with a Master Grendal Damascus Sax as the prize, a Memorial Axe Tournament, and a Monastery Raid where you keep what booty you can escape with!  We will have period classes available on many subjects.  There will be contests in: Archery, Equestrian, KUUB, caber toss, and much more.  We will repeat the siege-cooking contest “Barbarians at the Gate”.  Bring whatever you need to feed 20 warriors and maybe they will go away, leftovers will be used at  Saturdays potluck feast, contributions divided by modern last name: A-F: Bread/Cheese; G-L: Side Dish/Vegetables; M-S: Main Dishes; T-Z: Deserts/Fruits.  After the feast we will be holding a traditional Norse “Thing”, a gathering where laws are made and conflicts are resolved.  There are many contests and games for kids of all ages, so come join us.  Site has water, electricity, and bathrooms with showers.

Site opens 12pm on Friday closes 1PM Monday.

Site fee: Adults-$15.00 (add $3 for non-members), Children-12-17 $5.00, under 12 free, Family Cap $40.  Day-pass $5.00. 

Make checks payable to: Barony of Stromgard. 

Merchant fee: A donation of your choice to the prize chest.  Ten 10’ x 10’ permanent shop stalls available for $10 each, on a first-come first-reserved basis.

Pre-Registration: Forms and information available at Baronial website

Ten percent of all profits will be donated to the Kingdom Travel Fund.

Autocrat: Sgt. Ivon Drengr (Jerry Barber), 7416 NE 72ndAve Vancouver, WA98661 moc.oohay@1002rebrabeg (360) 253-2350 not after 10PM.
Co-Autocrat: Finnr Skeggason (Dave Hulegaard), 3790 Wilshire Lane Eugene, OR97405 ten.tsacmoc@10rnnif (541) 579-1311 not after 9PM.
Merchantcrat: Stanton Macllyr moc.liamtoh@ryllcam

To reserve space for a group or household please contact: GaeiRa at

Directions: Columbia County Fairgrounds, 58892 Saulser Rd, St. Helens OR97051  From North take I-5S to Longview WA, cross bridge into Oregon, go south on Hwy 30 (past milepost 28) to St. Helens, turn right on Gable Rd in front of the Safeway store, follow the signs to the site.  From South take I-5 to Hwy 30, go North on Hwy 30 (past milepost 27) to St. Helens turn left on Gable Rd in front of the Safeway store, follow the signs to the site.

The Grand Thing III
Class List
There will be no pre-registration for classes. Registration will be first come first-first served at the time of the class. Class fees cover instructor’s materials and photocopying costs and will be paid directly to instructor at the time of the class. In the event that a class is “full”, auditing of a class (i.e., listening in without receiving materials) is at the discretion of each individual instructor.

Lund Stool
Master Gordon Redthorn
Sit like a Norseman, learn to make an authentic replica of a Lund style 3-legged stool. Similar stools have been in continuous use in Europe for over a thousand years!
Max. Students: 8 students, Sharp tools will be used, so no one under the age of 13.
Cost: $7 (Includes all materials and tools)
Time: 4 hours 

Viking Combs Sir Master Torfin TorgulssonThis class will cover the steps involved in the making of bone/antler combs including: materials safety and selection, tools and constructions methods. A handout will be provided and limited copies of the CD Viking and Medieval combs from the island of Gotland  by Prof. Dan Carlsson will be available for sale.
Max. Students: 10
Cost: Cost: $1 
Time: 1 hour 

Recreating Viking Cooking
Master Hrafnir Fiachsman
The Vikings left us very little written information about the kinds of food they ate or how they were prepared. We’ll look at what we can find in the written record, but more importantly what we can find in the archaeological record and other sources in order to create a theoretical reconstruction.
Max. Students: No Max

Cost: FreeTime: 1 hour 

Basics of Viking Clothing
Duchess Asa Staradottir, OL
This class will cover the basic things you need to know in order to recreate Viking clothing in a reasonably authentic manner. Topics to be covered include: appropriate types, weaves and weights of fabric; appropriate colors; stitches used in hand sewn garments, as well as types of thread, etc. used. Resources provided to attendees will include fabric swatches, a color card showing appropriate colors, and various handouts on Viking sewing techniques.
Max. Students: 10
Cost: Free
Time: 1 hour 

Fingerloop Braid
Mistress Svava inn Littla
Students will be given an introduction to a few basic braids using this Scandinavian braiding technique. First students will learn to braid alone, then in pairs. All supplies will be provided. This class is recommended for students who intend to take the Finnish Spiral Wire Embellishments class.
Max. Students: 6
Cost: $4.50
Time: 2 hours

Finnish Spiral Wire Embellishments
Mistress Svava inn Littla
Students will be given a short overview of the applications of spiral embellishments in Finland in early Medieval period, followed by hands on instruction through a small project. All tools and supplies will be supplied. Fingerloop braid class or knowledge is recommended.
Max Students: 6
Cost: $20
Time: 2 hours  

Icelandic pile-weave or how to make Viking fake fur trim
Meistara Kolfinna Aradóttir
This hands-on class will teach you how to make fun, fake fur to trim your garments based on a 10th c. Icelandic pile-weave. Students must know the basics of weaving and will need to have a small loom warped prior to the beginning of class. Any portable loom will work: inkle, card weaving, rigid heddle or table loom. Those who don’t have a loom, but would like to take a turn at the instructor’s loom are welcome too. Further instructions available to registered students by emailing Kolfinna: anitagail AT gmail dot com.
Max. Students: 10
Cost: $3 (for those with looms) to cover materials. Time: 1 hr  

Covering Modern Books for a Medieval Look
Instructor: Master Sven Odin Eye
Description: Samples and explanations for various types of slip covers, including two types of the Period Chemise (slip cover). To allow you to read that racy novel or really cool technical book without that glaring modern look.
Max. number of students: Unlimited
Cost: Small charge (at cost) if the student wishes to retain the class hand-out (4 pg’s).
Class length: Approximately 1 hour

Viking Glass Beads

Instructor HL Rafny Garansdottir

In addition to a brief overview of the history of glass beads and how
glass beads were crafted in period, this class will provide an
in-depth look at glass beads in Viking-Age Scandinavia. Students will
learn which kinds of beads were common in archaeological finds across
the Viking world, which kinds were not, and gain a basic terminology
of bead classifications. This will not be a hands-on bead-making 
class, but the instructor may demonstrate bead-making after the class.
Max students: 10
Cost: $1 to cover handout
Time: 1 hour

Schedule of Events:

8 AM set-up begins
12 PM Gate opens
3 PM Kids building open at 4H hall while parents set up camp (2hr)
4 PM Teen social and Mask making at kids building (3hr)
6 PM Meet and Greet with Stromgard and Bjorgvinn (4hr)
9 PM Gate party with Sgt. Ivon and Lord Johannes at gate (3hr)
12 AM Gate “officially” closes but if you come late call me. No one is turned away.

9 AM Norse Wire Weaving Class at Feast Hall (1hr)
9 AM Gate “officially” opens
9 AM Thrown Weapons knives, axes, and spears at Archery range (1hr)
10 AM Opening Court (1hr)
10 AM Equestrian open riding practice and qualifications (2hr)
10:30 AM Siege Cooking “Barbarians at the Gate” begins
10:30 AM Armor inspection begins.
11 AM Multi-Weapons tourney begins (4hr).
11 AM Thrown Weapons Competition knives, axe, and spears at Archery range (1hr)
11 AM Covering Modern Books for a Medieval Look at Feast Hall (1hr)
11 AM Lund Stool Class at Stromgard Baronial Pavilion (4hr)
11 AM Children’s craft time (Norse Runic Pendant) at kids building (1 1/2hr)
12 PM Kubb Tournament Begins (4hr)
12 PM Archery Range Open for Practice with a Marshal Present (1hr)
12 PM Equestrian: Ground crew training class: Anyone interested in working
with or around horses is welcome to attend. No experience necessary (1hr).
12:30 PM Children’s Grand Thing lunch at Bjorgvinn camp (1hr)
1 PM Viking Age Glass Beads Class at Feast Hall (1hr)
1 PM Teen, Proper dance etiquette at kids building (2hr)
1 PM Baronial Archery Adult Championship begins (3 Royal rounds) (2hr)
1 PM Equestrian Rider and groundcrew meeting followed by Games Tourney (2hr)
1:30 PM Children’s Norse Olympics at kids building (2 1/2hr)
3 PM Tiernan’s Domination Tourney begins (3hr)
3 PM Archery Range Open for Royal Rounds With a Marshal Present (2hr)
3 PM Basics of Viking Clothing at Stromgard Baronial Pavilion (1hr)
3 PM Feast set-up begins, Feast Hall closed to everyone else until 5 PM
3 PM Equestrian: Open riding, qualifications and IKEqC if desired. (3hr)
4 PM Caber Toss competition begins (2hr)
5 PM Siege Cooking ends take entries to Feast Hall for judging.
6 PM Potluck Feast Begins in exhibit hall
6 PM Gate “officially” closes but if you come late call me. No one is turned away.
7:30 PM Grand Thing begins in exhibit hall
8 PM Teen, Masquerade Ball at kids building (3-4hr)
9 PM Bardic Circle (Lono) at BBQ fire pit (2-3hr)
9 PM Reginleif’s Viking Trade Blanket at Stromgard Baronial Pavilion (2-3hr)

9 AM Rectangular construction for Viking Clothing at Feast Hall (2hr)
9 AM Gate “officially” opens
10 AM Viking Combs at Stromgard Baronial Pavilion (1hr)
10 AM Thrown Weapons knives, axes, and spears at Archery range (2hr)
10 AM Equestrian open riding practice and qualifications (2hr)
10:30 AM Armor inspection
11 AM Monastery Raid (4hr)
11 AM Fingerloop Braid Class at Feast Hall (2hr)
11 AM Children’s craft time (coloring) at kids building (1 1/2hr)
11 AM Children’s Equestrian (1hr)
12 PM Archery Range Open for Youth Practice (a parent must be present) (1hr)
12 PM Kubb Tournament continues (5hr)
12 PM Equestrian: Ground crew training class if desired.
12:30 PM Children’s Kubb competition (2 1/2hr)
1 PM Recreating Viking Cooking Class at Feast Hall (1hr)
1 PM Equestrian Rider and groundcrew meeting followed by Challenge Course (2hr)
1 PM Baronial Archery Youth Championship (3 Royal rounds) (must have parent)(2hr)
2 PM Icelandic pile-weave or making Viking fake fur at Feast Hall (1hr)
3 PM Judging of Baronial Charter Contest at Stromgard Pavilion (1hr)
3 PM Finish Spiral Wire Embellishment Class at Feast Hall (2hr)
3 PM Footschlager race (2hr)
3 PM Equestrian: Open riding practice. (3hr)
3 PM Archery Range Open for Royal Rounds With a Marshal Present (2hr)
3 PM Memorial Axe Tournament (3hr)
4 PM Gate “officially” closes but if you come late call me. No one is turned away.
4 PM Children’s craft at kids building (1hr)  
7 PM Baronial / Prize Court (1hr)
8 PM Teen, Social at kids building (3hr)
8 PM Children’s Norse story and snack time at BBQ pit (2hr)
9 PM Bardic Circle (Stromgard) at Baronial Pavilion (2-3hr)

10 AM Equestrian: Open riding practice. (2hr)
11 AM Archery Dismantle the Backdrop clean area (1hr)
12 PM Equestrian: Tear down and packing up (1hr)
1 PM Site closes and clean-up begins (2hr)
3 PM Clean-up complete

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