Each Crown who sits the throne appoints a team to coordinate the administration of their Royal Reign. The team members and roles may differ from reign to reign at the discretion of the Crown.

Head of Retinue

South – Duchess Angharad Banadaspus Drakenhefd

North – Viscountess Glynis Fawr

Pronouns: she/her

The Head of Retinue is in charge of all of Their Majesties’ retainers, guards and ladies in waiting. He or she makes sure that Their Majesties are well attended, well fed, not thirsty, and takes care of other necessary administrative things at Their Majesties’ discretion.


Court Coordinators

North – Mistress Etan na Gramna Caisil – handles Vigils & elevation prep

South – Mistress Gulenay Khazari – all other court business

Pronouns: she/her

The court coordinator is responsible for preparing and organizing the court docket and making sure that Royal court flows smoothly. If you would like to request time in court, please contact the court coordinator.

The Court Coordinator also ensures that all the official business done in Court gets recorded appropriately.


Royal Scribe

Duchess Hlutwige Wolfkiller

Pronouns: she/her/they

The Royal Scribe is responsible for the award documents of the reign. He or she oversees award charter production (design, wordsmithing, calligraphy, artwork, printing, distribution, painting, and personalization), commissions custom scrolls and/or objects given as awards, sees that awards are signed and sealed as needed, and works closely with the Court Coordinator to deliver all these in a timely manner.


Guard Captain

North – Sir Einar Guntharson (Oak)

South – Sir Rayner Ulfgarsson

Pronouns: he/him

The Guard Captain reports to the Head of Retinue and ensures that Their Majesties have guards as and when They travel throughout the Kingdom.

Head of Attendants

Lady Medea

Viscountess Ell Winter

Pronouns: She/her

The Head of Attendants reports to the Head of Retinue and ensures that Their Majesties have attendants as and when They travel throughout the Kingdom.

Royal Herald

Duchess Miranda Faoltiarna

Pronouns: She/her

The Royal Herald is appointed by the Crown to be Their personal court herald and serves for the duration of that reign.  

Royal Largesse Coordinator

Mistress Sibylla de Waryn

Pronouns: She/Her

The Largesse Coordinator receives, organizes, records, and assists in the appropriate re-distribution of gifts received by the Royals.


Royal DEIB Advisor

Mistress Talia bint Al-Athir

Pronouns: She/her

The Royal DEIB Advisor is appointed by the Crown to advise Them on matters concerning Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, and Belonging for the duration of that reign.