The Riderless ceremony was conceived as a memorial for those who have passed in the Kingdom of An Tir. It was conceived and administered by the Ladies of the Rose and Valorous Estate of An Tir. The riderless horse ceremony has appeared in many cultures and periods in history.

The Riderless Horse ceremony was presented at the last court of their Majesties Skeggi and Taisiia, July Coronation, AS 40. The Ladies of the Rose and Valorous Estate approached the throne in pairs. HRH Angharad led her 3-year old Percheron, Maximus. The caparison was made by Countess Dagmaer, Duchess Asa, Viscountess Kerij-e, and Viscount Rapheal. Over 120 hand made tassels were attached to a black and red caparison. The retired Kingdom Champion’s cloak was incorporated into the caparison. The Ladies of the Rose and Valorous Estate continue to accept donations to assist with the continuation of this ceremony.

This ceremony is performed every year at September Crown, with a different horse each time if possible. Additional tassels are added for every An Tirian who has passed since the previous ceremony. In addition to the online Scroll of Honor page, a hand-made scroll of all of the names will travel with the caparison and be displayed yearly at Twelfth Night. New names can be added to the Scroll of Honor and the An Tir Remembers page by sending e-mail to