An Tir, Ulfgar and Juahara send joyous Greetings.  We hope this missive finds you rested and ready for the many gatherings to come.

We wish to share Our fighting format for the upcoming May Crown to choose Our Successors to the Lions Throne.

May Crown will be a Double Elimination Tournament, with each round consisting of a best of 3, and the Finals will be best 3 of 5.  All Society approved tournament weapons and shield variations allowed.

A variable that will be included if necessary is concerning the weather/temperature.

If the forecast for the Tournament is 80F or greater, We would change the format(for the health and safety of all) to a Single Elimination Tournament, each round still best of 3, with the Finals best 3 of 5.

We wish all who would compete a safe and wonderous day. We can’t wait to witness the Glory of the Tournament, and greet Your new Heirs of An Tir.


Ulfgar Thorvaldsson King, An Tir

Juahara al Azin Queen, An Tir