About King Octamasades Skuthikos

Pronouns: He/Him


His Majesty Octamasades is Pazyryk, a nomadic Scythian culture living on the Altaic steppes around 450 BCE. He also enjoys dabbling in other early-period clothing styles. He is a member of the Chivalry Council.

Octamasades loves to learn new things and meet new people. He enjoys teaching and passing on what he has learned. He has a diverse set of interests including heavy (armored) fighting, fencing, archery, thrown weapons, equestrian, arts and sciences, and playing games.

His Majesty is very social! When he’s not on a tight schedule, please approach him to say hello!

Octamasades’s favorite colors are red, gold, and blue and can be recognized by such symbols as the Scythian Lion, waves, and fish.

Food and Drink Preferences

His Majesty has a discerning palette.

He enjoys chicken, pork, mushrooms, grilled or roasted sweet potatoes, potatoes, whole grain rice, noodles, carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, celery, peapods, apples, bananas, hummus, ginger, garlic, peanut butter, and dark chocolate.

Please do not serve him fish, peppers, onions, squash, beans, gravy, or cooked fruit. He will not eat them.

To quench His Majesty’s thirst, Octamasades prefers tea (green, black, puer, matcha), kombucha, and sparkling water. He rarely partakes of alcohol and avoids sugary soda and Gatorade.

About Queen Achaxe Ek Auchatae

Pronouns: she/her


Her Majesty Achaxe is Pazyryk, a nomadic Scythian culture living on the Altaic steppes around 450 BCE. She also enjoys dabbling in other early-period clothing styles. She is a member of the Laurel’s Council and the Pelican’s Council.

Achaxe loves costuming, fiber arts, metalworking, ceramics, glasswork, woodwork, leatherwork, research, and learning about cultures, peoples, and things that are new to her. She always wants to see your art or listen to what you are passionate about. If she can facilitate connections for you, or help you move your project along, she will endeavor to do so. There are times when she gets overwhelmed by large groups of people or too many people talking at once. She may sometimes need to be alone in a quiet place to recharge. 

Her Majesty is particularly passionate about growing and fostering a healthy Kingdom and a healthy SCA for all.

Achaxe loves all colors and can be recognized by such symbols as hearts, seeblats, Scythian panthers, laurel leaves, pelicans, and roses.

Food and Drink Preferences

Her Majesty has a severe reaction to onions and onion-like vegetables in any preparation!

Achaxe also does not care for bell peppers or other nightshades, red meat, or wheat flour. They do not agree with her digestion.

Please do tempt her with cheese, raw vegetables (other than those noted above), fruit – both fresh and dried, avocado, hummus, tzatziki, nuts, chicken, turkey, eggs, salmon, salad rolls, corn tortillas or tortilla chips, plain Greek yogurt, granola, peanut butter, dark chocolate, and apricot jam. Her Highness also enjoys mildly spiced foods from the Middle East, India, and other regions of Asia.

Her Majesty drinks water, coffee with a small amount of cream or milk, chocolate milk, chai, fizzy water, and sekanjabin. She prefers not to drink alcohol, Gatorade or other Power Drinks, and soda.