Greetings good gentlefolk of An Tir,

The time is fast approaching for us to select Our Heirs so that the line of the Sable Throne may continue unbroken into the future. As is tradition, We shall hold Our Grand Tournament on Sunday of September Crown. Combatants and their consorts will present themselves before us in procession of reverse order of precedent Sunday morning. Challenge round to be immediately after.

We’ve heard the words of those who compete in the tournament as well as those who enjoy the pageantry, suspense, and ambiance of the tourney. To embrace those with a love of the field and those who hold dear the grandeur of An Tir’s traditional format, we have decided to hold a double elimination tournament with each round best 2 out of 3. (Note: should the entrants exceed 80, We will revert to a traditional single fight for the health and wellbeing of the fighters).

We encourage our potential Heirs to bring their most proficient fighting style, with the only prohibition that it match the legal weapons and shields guidelines per the An Tir Book of Combat.
An Tir has the richest tradition of inclusivity in the known world. We wholeheartedly support and encourage inspirational equality.

Morgan & Livia
Crown, An Tir