Device of the Kingdom of An Tir

Lifting Suspension of In-Person Activity within An Tir

Greetings to Our most beloved Populace,

After much deliberation, the SCA Board of Directors, in consultation with the Kingdoms of the Known World and modern health authorities, has decided to lift its blanket ban on events, starting June 1st, 2021.

Additionally, they have now handed the decision of when to resume events and activities to the respective Kingdoms.

This is wonderful news, and Our hearts are lifted with future thoughts that this untimely pause in our pastime of events and fellowship may one day return to the joy we once shared.

It must be noted that while the SCA Board of Directors has released the decision back to the Kingdoms, this does not necessarily mean that it is safe to resume events immediately; rather that the overall emergency has lessened enough that observance of regional modern health authority guidelines may be utilized to best direct the policies for potential resumption of play within their localized Kingdom governance and decisions.

With regards to return, the SCA Board of Directors has laid out their minimal requirements, which will stay in place until revisited.

These are to be held across all Kingdoms, and any further restrictions due to local considerations and health authorities are to be observed in addition, at a Kingdom level.

We would ask you to see the announcement by the SCA Board of Directors to understand the current minimum requirements for events.

We will continue to monitor the information provided by the relevant health authorities that affect our Kingdom, and continue to review Our timeline and potential release of activities.

An Tir will remain closed to events and associated official activities, until further notice.

We will announce changes publicly on the Kingdom website in advance of release dates, with listed requirements and stipulations as they may apply.

As you know, An Tir stands apart from many Kingdoms in the vast land it encompasses, and the multiple groups we contain. 

What this means is that any decision made that will affect the whole Kingdom comes with many complexities, as we span multiple regions, states / provinces, and an international border.

Each of these regions has their distinct health authorities, social distancing guidelines, and vaccine distribution.

One key piece to our resumption of fellowship across Our great Kingdom is the international border closure between Canada and the United States. This will be a major factor in the decision to allow Kingdom level events.

We deeply value the history within the traditions of Our Kingdom.

Holding Crown Lists where everyone who wishes to fight in the Tournament is given the opportunity to strive for the Thrones, is something that sets An Tir apart within the Known World.

It is Our intention to preserve these traditions, for all Our people.

There are a number of factors which must come to pass before An Tir can open up for events, and your leadership team is monitoring the situation daily. 

We were the first Kingdom to recognize the severity of this pandemic, and We moved to shutter our windows in order to protect Our Populace.

We must ask you to hold fast in the name of unity for the safety of every person that calls this Kingdom home.

Your Crown has been meeting weekly with the Kingdom Seneschal to create a plan for reopening that respects all modern health authority guidelines, and We are taking into consideration such things as: financial impact of holding under-supported events, resuming martial activities safely, modeling responsible behaviors in our gatherings, logistic requirements, and many more questions that stand before Us.

There are considerations regarding how to layer in safeguards that comply with Modern, BoD and Kingdom specific rules; safeguards such as mandatory masks, vaccinations, event attendee caps, and others.

We are not an enforcement agency, nor do We have the means to do so, and the line of what We wish to see and what We can demand is very fine.

This is a complex discussion that requires extensive review and a practical approach.

We ask you to bear with Us all, as We move ahead in Our best efforts and intentions to prepare for you the safest and clearest path to a healthy and warm return. 

Currently, We remain hopeful that there will not be another wave of uncontrolled infections. The administration of vaccine and continued efforts in social distancing measures and enhanced hygiene look to be having the desired effects in reducing and stemming transmissions.

Of course, this does not mean it is impossible, and we must all stay the course to ensure we are doing our part to mitigate risk.

We know that it is in everyone’s best interest to gather with loved ones again; friends are a balm that each of our hearts dearly needs, right now. 

Our goal is to bring us all together as quickly and as safely as We can.

Thank you for standing strong in the face of this difficult time.

An Tir is strong, and We will all be together again soon.

We love you all.

Christian III

Hélène III