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The site is the Scouts Canada s Camp Barnard in Sooke BC 40 km (25 mi) west of Victoria BC. Canada. NO PETS ARE ALLOWED (with the exception of Handicapped-assist animals) The site is DAMP. Flush toilets and showers on site. Garbage Dumpster on site at the park gate. Children under 18 MUST be accompanied by a certified Parent/Guardian with included SCA documentation. Fire regulations subject to Weather Conditions. Fire Regulations as of August 19 2002 Tiki torches are allowed, but must be carefully monitered, Candles MUST be in a CONTAINER of some kind, ie glass jar, Smoking buts must be put in an ashtray or some such unit, not on the ground please...and we are allowed a bardic fire of no more then three feet in diameter and height... Directions: From the Lower Mainland - Take the Tswaassen-Swartz Bay Ferry. Take the Pat Bay Hwy 17 south towards Victoria. Take the Mackenzie turn off heading west towards the Trans Canada Hwy. Turn Right onto the Trans Canada Northbound. Then follow directions from Victoria >From Port Angeles - take the MV Coho ferry. Sailings are at 8:20 am, 12:45 pm, 5:15 pm, and 9:30 pm. In Victoria travel east on Belleville Rd to Douglas St. Turn Left on Douglas (northbound) into downtown Victoria >From Downtown Victoria - Follow Douglas St north as it turns into the Trans Canada Hwy #1. Take the Colwood Exit towards Sooke on Hwy 14 (Sooke Rd). Follow Sooke Road to Sooke (well, where else?) Turn right at stop light (only one in town) on to Otter Point Road. Stay on OPR for about 5 Km, turn right on to Young Lake Road. YLR leads right to Camp B. (3130 Young Lake Road) From Up Island, Duncan and Further Three different ways if you can understand my instructions 1... At the bottem of the Malahat there is a road off to the right, called Goldstream Ave, Take this road, Follow it along till you hit a set of lights, This being Jacklin Road, Turn right on Jacklin, Follow Jacklin down, you will go through a set of lights at Station/Dunford ( same road, different side of street, typical Victorian street naming ), You will go through a set of lights at Kelly rd, Continue past Belmont High School, till you hit the next set of lights, at Sooke rd, Turn Right, follow Sooke road all the way to Sookes city centre. At the lights, turn right, follow up to Young Lake road, turn right on Young Lake rd and follow straight to Camp Barnard. I believe that from the set of lights at Jacklin, The next set of lights is in Sooke city centre 2...Come down the highway, take the Millstream exit (offramp to Costco etc). Turn right on to Millstream Ave, follow this down, through a set of lights(Can t remember street name) through a second set of lights at Goldstream, immediately following through Goldstream and Millstream, there is a road on your Right called Station, turn right here, follow this down till the next set of lights at Jacklin, Turn left on Jacklin, Follow Jacklin down till Sooke Road, Turn Right and Follow to Sooke, At Sooke city center, turn right at the light, Drive up this till Young Lake, turn Right, Follow till Camp Barnard 3...Follow the Highway down, pass by Millstream, The next exit is the Six Mile road exit(on the right). I believe the sign also says to Colwood,Thetus Lake exit, It will have one of the three on it, Take this exit, turn right on the Six Mile Road, Follow down to the Old Island Highway, Turn Right, Follow this road directly to Sooke, Yes is does the typical name change, same road, different name, turn right at Sookes Lights, Follow to Young Lake road, Turn Right and follow to Camp Barnard



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