Sealion War


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Ysane La Gaillarde
Date: June 5 , 2009 until June, 7 2009
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on June 5th 2009
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on June 7th 2009

Event site:
Camp Barnard
3020 Young Lake Road Sooke, BC V0S 1N0



Excellencies Baron Ming Lum Pee and Baroness Elina Karsdottir
welcome you to the
Barony of Seagirt, as once again the armies of Seagirt and
Lions Gate come together for Sealion War!


Join us
on the weekend of June 5th-7th, 2009 at Camp Barnard,
where the two armies will compete for points in exciting War
Scenarios for Heavies and Rapier, Target Archery, and Arts
& Sciences.



Sealion War

Field Points – 7 Scenarios for each discipline.
Limited Lives – 4 lives for each fighter (with exception to

designated fighters for each side – 1 commander & 1
subcommander who will fight all scenarios)
During armour inspections, decals with 4 check boxes will be
issued to 
each fighter to indicate inspection status and also to
indicate lives.
As each person dies in each scenario, they will walk to a
point to be brought back to life (they will be marked for
each time 
they die).
Each scenario will allow for retreating in which the
retreating force 
forfeits the battle point. Individual fighters may choose to
desert a 
battle to preserve life.
Yielding is allowed by individual fighters and will not lose
life, however must fight immediately on their captor’s
side for the 
next scenario (only one scenario).

Heavy & Rapier
(no archery or thrown weapons in rapier
– 14 pts total

Raiding Party (2
– This scenario begins the war. Each party
have their chance to protect their supplies (cardboard
boxes-or flags) 
from being raided. They can choose to defend, protect all
(until they are all taken and brought to another point) or
abandon the 
camp and forfeit the battle. (Both sides attempt – 1 pt

Forest Path Battle
(2 pts)
– The war parties must get to their
points to get prepared for the ensuing field battles. They
must trek 
through the forest and make it to the rally point. Those that
make it 
to the rally point end their successful run and preserve
their life 
for the next point. (Both sides attempt – 1 pt each)

Open Field Battle
(2 pts)
– The two waring parties meet on the
field for two frontal assaults. Two retreat points for forces
forfeit the battle will be made available (the point is
forfeit if all 
live forces make it to the rally point)

Driving the forces
off (1 pt)
– Two sides meet across a river.
unbelted fighters will fight on their knees in the shallow
river, while 
knights/dons, commander/warlords and Barons/baronesses are
horseback (meaning they can stand and fight). This final
battle is to 
the last person standing.

Archery Points
3 Pts

Maim Em’ and
Leave Em’
Archers have 30 seconds to shoot at
a designated target.
All Seagirtian archers or all Lions Gate archers shoot at the
time or in waves. Target is decided randomly (eg. Left arm,
torso) 1 point for every hit on the target.
Each side will shoot at 3 designated targets.


1 point for every hit on the popinjay bird.
To get to the popinjay you must first hit 4 other targets.
You start 
with 6 arrows and shoot at increasingly smaller targets. You
do not 
advance until you have hit the current target.
Three rounds of shooting.


A ring of sorts is place on the butt approx 10-13”
diameter. 5 arrows 
each in two rounds. 1 point for every arrow COMPLETELY inside
the ring.

Arts Points – 3


War is not only won on the field of
battle, but at home where tales 
from the field build morale which facilitates the continuing
support of 
the people to their respective armies. The arts points will
be the 
best representation of war propaganda. This could be about
victories, heroes, legendary battles, plunders and rewards.
It can be 
presented as a literature, scroll, song, poetry or heraldry.
This can 
be totally fictitious, but must represent your home

Points will be given for the most creative execution,
embellishment and best documentation

Science Points – 3 pts

In war, the need to keep your troops
well fed is an important 
necessity, but the long distances travelled to each battle
some careful preservation and selections of such foods. As
such the 
science points will be the best representation of period war

Points will be awarded to the rations that provides the best
of nutrition/energy, best execution, and best



opens at 4 on Friday and closes at 4 on Sunday.

No pets
allowed!! This a site rule, and pets WILL be turned away, no
matter how well behaved. Contact Autocrat for info
on nearby kennels. 

Site is
VERY discreetly damp (period containers only).

There is
a garbage bin on site, but please take your recyclables home
with you.


Merchants are
welcome, but should pre-book if possible. There is no
merchanting fee, but we would ask for a donation of an item
suitable for giving away as a prize or as largesse.


For those of you who will be attending the
event with children, I include two links to An Tir Forms
regarding waivers for minors.
The first is for minors who will be
attending with their parents.
It’s helpful to have it filled out ahead of
time and ready when you arrive at Gate so you can speed
through without fuss.
This form is also available at Gate for
parents to complete.
This second form is for minors who are
attending without their parents.
They MUST have this form filled out PRIOR
to their arrival, as their parents MUST sign it, designating
a guardian who will be able to authorize medical care
for the minor should it be required. 
This guardian MUST remain on site with
the minor for the weekend. Any minor who arrives at Gate
without this form (and a guardian) will NOT be allowed on
We cannot call your parents and get their
permission over the phone.
NSCA waivers are also required for any
non-NSCA minor or adult. Those waivers are


fees are as follows:

Camping: $20

Day: $15

Camping: $15

Day: $10

12 and under: FREE

NMS of
$3 applies to all adults


number of cabins (24 cabins with 8 bunks in each –
minimum of two paying occupants per cabin) are available by
pre-booking with Baroness Glynis:

Cost is
$30 per adult for weekend (includes site fee). Youth
Cabin price is $20 (age 13-18). Children under 12 camp for

Cheques payable to: Barony of Seagirt



HL Ysane la
Gaillarde (mka: Monique LeBlanc)

Prior St, Victoria, BC, V8T 4W1





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