Summer Tourney


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Anastasia Daysshe
Date: August 23 , 2002 until August, 25 2002
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on August 23th 2002
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on August 25th 2002

Event site:
Camp Barnard
3020 Young Lake Road Sooke, BC V0S 1N0

The Barony of Seagirt Welcomes you to the Seagirts Summer Tourney, from Friday August 23 till Sunday August 25.

Contact person is Lady Anastasia Daysshe at 250 474-6174.
Mundanely known as Randi-Anne Dey.
Email Address is moc.liamtoh@mdaisatsanA
Home mailing adress is 3791 Trans Canada Hwy, Malahat B.C. Canada. PO Box 366, V0R2L0.
Co Autocrat, Nara, Mundanely known as Anne Legg, Phone number is 383-9135

Event will consist of a Rapier Competition, Heavy Competition, Archery Competition, an Arts and Science Competition,( will be announced soon what will need to be done )and a Bardic Competition, We will have some childrens activities planned, (Blue Helm Tourney) and merchants are more then welcome, merchant fee is a donation of wares. There will be classes done through out the day, ie Dance, If you have any suggestions, Please feel free to contact me by phone or my email address moc.liamtoh@mdaisatsanA, Or you could contact Her LadyShip Brenethwyn at 382-9349, as she is in charge of running the classes….

A potluck feast will be available, Please bring a donation to the feast to partake as well as two dollars to cover the cost of the roasted chickens, Sign up in the morning before 12 to join, either at gate or autocrates point…

Also there will be a dance revel on Saturday night, so practice up on those steps, take the class during the day to learn basic steps.

Site fee is to be Adult Event fee is $12 dollars, Adult Day fee is $7 dollars, Children 12-18 years of age, Event fee is $8 dollars, Day fee is $4 dollars, Children under 12 are free. Make Checks payable to the Barony of Seagirt.

This event should be alot of fun, Come out and compete, put you best effort forward and hope to become our new champion, in one of the many fields offered…OH and don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Hope to see you all there.

Fire Regulations as of August 19 2002
Tiki torches are allowed, but must be carefully monitered, Candles MUST be in a CONTAINER of some kind, ie glass jar, Smoking buts must be put in an ashtray or some such unit, not on the ground please…and we are allowed a bardic fire of no more then three feet in diameter and height…

Event schedule ,
5pm Site Opens
8pm – Tourch lite tourney starts (instructions Below)

10am Opening Court
After opening court, register for the classes being taught throughout the day.
1030am heavy armour inspection
11am heavy tourney
12 noon, if you wish to participate in the potluck, register by noon at autocrats point or gate
1pm lunch break
1pm Auction starts
130pm rapier inspection
2pm rapier tourney
2pm Blue Helm
5pm potluck feast/dinner
7pm dance revel
9pm bardic fire
Through out the day you can be holding A&S competition and children’s
activities…Contact person is M’lady Murial. There will ba a childrens court, I believe on Sunday..

9am Archery competition(instructions below)
??am Childrens Court
11am Closing Court
4pm Site Closes

Classs being offered and the times and costs are below
Saturday Morning

John de Gateau
2 – 20 people (more can be accommodated if desired)
$1.50 provides 2 playing boards, dice and instructions
Class Length 1 – 1.5 hours
I will be teaching Nine Mans Moris, Tablareau and Haunker Down

Tourney Kitchens – 2 hours
Paulas of Heather
Min students: 2 Max students: 12
Student cost $1.00 for handout
Cobbling together a meal at a tourney or war can be quite a chore. This
course covers types of tourney kitchens, types of meal plans,
pre-planning considerations, financing, menu planning, and equipment and …
oh yeah … some medieval cooking ideas. Bring a chair and some note
taking material

Saturday Afternoon

Persona Development – 1hr
Her Excellency Baroness Theocharista Irena Diaconia
Class size 3 – 5 Class fee: $1.00
This course will help choose and develop a well-rounded persona including a personal history, the detail of your current life and how the world you live in affects you. A handout including a questionnaire to help develop a persona is provided. Please bring note taking materials and a chair.

A Simple Dance Class
Anastasia Deight
1 hour Class fee: 50 cents
In this classes you will learn the basic step and how they work in pattern
dances, Just to touch up for those who are joining the dance revel, You will
also learn some bransles as well as some pattern dances. ie Pease Bransle,
Sarasons Bransle, Sellengers round, and others depending on our time.. The
course will have no handout, and will just be pure fun, class length will be
a hour and a half done preferably in the morning or early afternoon to give
me time to get home and let my canines out and be back in time to run the

For the Tourchlight tourney, I’d like to propose the following.
Drunken Fist of Fury, Tourchlight Prize Tourney
Come one come all… to all fighters of the known realm, I invite you
all to test your Drunken Monkey Fighting style. Match your style to your
opponent’s style both in wit and skill. The format of the tourney is
Each opponent will be equipped with a protective gauntlet with a goblet
affixed to it. The objective is to fight until 3 counted blows have been
given/received. The one with the most liquid (water) in their goblet
wins the fight. In the case where both goblets are empty, the one with
the most victory blows is the winner. This will be double elimination
tourney and the winner of the tourney will walk away with the
prestigious title of Master Drunken Fist of Fury and a bottle of spirits.
You may use any single handed weapons, and should you choose, you may
have the option of a shield (you better be good at keeping that liquid
in your goblet if you do). Daggers, axes, and maces are most welcome.
Keep in mind this is a fun torchlight tourney, so don’t read any
implications in the title of this tourney, no intoxicated fighting is
allowed. Please bring a prize of your own choosing for the prize table.
Lord Ming ‘Overdubbed & Out of Sync’ Lum Pee
Squired to Sir Kheron

Heavy Competition
What I am thinking for the tourney is this….if there is enough
people I would like to have a round robin…and if there is not a simple
doubble elim…BUT what I would like to do for the final 2 is we have a> best
out of 3 or 5, one or two of those I would like to have a small group
senario…3-5 on each side…number of fighters permitted…OR/AND> when the
final champion is determined that person then has to fight a single> round
with me…to prove that he is worthy
Lord Seth Starr

Fencing Competition
Alright, here’s the fencing deal…it’s actually much simpler than it looks
in writing. :)The Setup:Participants are randomly assigned to a list.
In reverse list order, participants choose a starting weapon style from the
following pool, with no duplications until all forms have been chosen. (At
which point, all forms must be chosen again before any can be chosen a third
time, etc)
Forms: Case, sword and open hand, sword and dagger, sword and buckler, sword
and [baton or similar rigid parrying device], sword and cloak, dagger and
cloak, dagger and open hand.The Tournament:
In list order, participants challenge anyone they have not previouslychallenged.
If the challenger wins, they get 3 points. If the challenger loses, their
opponent gets 1 point.
At the end of the bout, the winner must choose to switch one item (or “open
hand”) with their opponent. The one caveat is that you must always leave
both fencers with at least one offensive weapon.
(eg. Surt is fighting with sword and buckler, and beats Vincent who is
fighting with sword and open hand. Surt must either trade Vincent the
buckler for “open hand”, or sword for sword. If Vincent had a dagger instead
of open hand, then Surt could trade either of his items for either of
Vincent’s – since anything he traded would leave both fencers with an
offensive weapon.)Modifications Based on Number of Participants:
The number of times the list will be “processed” with people giving
challenges will vary with number of participants, with the goal to have
approximately between 20-25 maximum total bouts.
If there are more than 5 participants, the challenger will get 4 points on a
win. If more than 10, 5 points on a win. If more than 15, 6 points, etc.
Their opponent will still only get 1 point on a loss.The Winner:
Whoever has the most points at the end wins. In case of a tie, tie-breaking
bouts may be used, with best 2 out of 3 for the last two tied participants.
The style-switching rule will remain in effect.Notes:
Double kills will end the fight with no points assigned.
For fighters not authorized in case, sword/dagger may be substituted, but
the dagger will count as a sword again if traded away.
Note that when a fencer trades you an item, you probably won’t use the one
they gave you – you can use your own or borrow one, so long as you use a
sword if they traded you a sword, dagger if they traded you a dagger, etc.
This format is designed to encourage showcasing a variety of weapon styles,
while adding a strategic element. For example, you may not want to choose
the “best” weapon style, since that will mean you are less likely to be
challenged – meaning you miss an opportunity for the “free” 1 point you get
if you win. On the other hand, maybe you want the best so you can go for the
“big points” on your turn.
There will be a “levelling effect” compared to most tourneys which favours
the novice or unknown fencers over the established fencers. To the
established fencers – here’s your opportunity to take “dagger and open hand”
and lure them into challenging you(?). The bizarre point system is
mathematically designed to offset the levelling effect.
This format is also designed to be flexible around the number of
participants – we needn’t have an overly long or short tournament just
because we get “too many” or “too few” participants.Cheers,…Vincent the Chased

Archery Competition
Each competitor for the Seargirt Archery Champion’s tourney will be required
to supply at least eight of his/her own distinctly identifiable arrows, so
that there will be no confusion in scoring.
Challenge 1
Shrinking Target; Each competitor shoots two arrows at 20 yards, and is
eliminated if neither arrow strikes within the largest ring on the target.
On each consecutive round, the outermost ring becomes an invalid target, and
only the successful competitors may carry on to the next round.
Challenge 2
Highest Average; Each competitor shoots 8 arrows at 20 yards and 30 yards,
removing the highest and lowest scoring ones on each distance.
Challenge 3
Cutthroat Balloon Shoot; Each competitor’s name is written on two balloons,
and all the balloons are fixed at random on a board. On the marshall’s
command, all competitors simultaneously must loose one arrow at the balloon
of their choice. The remaining balloons are inspected, and only those
competitors who have at least one balloon remaining may continue to the next
flight. In the case of a tie, a point shootout will decide the winner.
Challenge 4
Bocci Archery; From 30 yards, one ‘Pallino’ arrow is shot first and becomes
the target. Competitors line up single file, and each fires one arrow, then
in the same order each fires another arrow. Scoring is done as in Bocci,
except that any arrow which rests touching the Pallino counts for three
points.The winner of each round gets to fire the Pallino arrow from any
distance between 20 and 40 yards, which becomes the firing line for that
round. Rounds continue until one player reaches 9 points
Challenge 5
Wand shoot; With two arrows shot from 20 yards, any competitor who hits or
touches the wand
continues to the next round. Any questionable touch will be judged by a
concensus of the other competitors.Final Challenge
Each first placing from the previous challenges wins it’s competitor two
arrows in the final round, and each second placing provides one arrow.
All the armed competitors then shoot a fifteen second speed round with
as many arrows as they have won, which is then scored to determine thechampion.

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