Greetings An Tir!

The time approaches to select our Heirs who succeed us to the Thrones of An Tir. On Saturday, May 20th, we will host our Crown Tournament which will be structured as an “Ursulmas – style” tournament. The combatants will be divided into 8 erics which will be fought as round robins. The top two from each eric will progress into a sweet 16, standard double-elimination tournament bracket. The winner of the finals will be determined by best of five bouts. All An Tir legal weapons and weapon styles are permitted. The Crown requests all shields follow standard An Tir size conventions.

Due to changes with the SCA’s membership system, it is highly encouraged that all combatants and inspirations bring proof of membership to the event, either paper or a digital image.

Competing for the Crown of An Tir is a great privilege and the victors will embark on an exciting journey. Now is a good time for combatants and their inspirations to read up on Kingdom Law and familiarize themselves with the duties of the Crown. We encourage everyone to bring banners, personal heralds, musicians, etc., to add to the pageantry of the day. We look forward to seeing everyone on the field of honor.

In service to An Tir and it’s people we remain,

King Athos and Queen Alianora