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UPDATED AnTir COVID Policies – January 12, 2022

These policies supersede any prior policy of An Tir since we reopened. COVIDSafe is still in place for the Kingdom of AnTir.

An Tir COVID Policies:  Effective January 12, 2022

**In addition to the normal sanctions process, anyone challenging event staff regarding the enforcement of any COVID policy shall be denied entry to or be immediately removed from the event.**

All Events:‎

  • You must show your vaccination card or current testing results before entrance to ‎event.  Pursuant to SCA’s COVIDSafe policy.‎proof-of-fully-vaccinated-status-or-negative-covid-test-policy-resolution/‎
  • ‎Must comply with prevailing local health regulations
  • ‎‎Masks are required pursuant to State, Provincial, and local mandates
  • ‎‎Masks may be briefly removed while ACTIVELY eating and drinking or fighting (should the fighters agree) only.  They MUST be put back on once the eating, drinking, or fighting is completed.
  • Language from Society, must be posted anywhere the event is being advertised, Crier, ‎gate, Facebook events, An Tir calendar page.‎
  • All attendees to any sponsored SCA activity MUST fill out a contact tracing sheet.  If you ‎fail to do so you can be subject to sanction.‎


  • Staff should be masked throughout the meal prep and cooking, including prep activity occurring off site.
  • Staff will be vigilant with respect to sanitizing and handwashing.
  • Food will be served by designated servers.
  • Serving utensils use is restricted to masked gloved servers.
  • Guests should be seated in family pods as much as possible with tables spaced out.


Although Pre-Reg does allow contact tracing to occur; an event does not have to use Pre-Reg for attendance.  If a branch decides not to use pre-reg they must have the normal sign in paperwork, AND separate contact tracing sheet.

Suspending Activities:

A Branch may suspend activities due to the rate of the virus spreading.  This will not replace the current policy if a branch has a positive COVID result in their branch after attending activities.  If a branch suspends activities the following must occur:

  • Set a timeline.  2 weeks, 10 days, 30 days etc.  There must be an end date.  It is not to be closed indefinitely.
  • Notify the Kingdom Seneschal.
  • If a branch is unable to hold their required event for the year, they must contact the Kingdom Seneschal for a variance.

Virtual Court

Please see the updated policy located:  Virtual Court 1-12-2022


Rosters are to be signed with information on how to reach you  If you are uncomfortable leaving your contact information on the sheet please make sure the person in charge of those rosters receives your information directly.

Any positive result of COVID at an in-person activity needs to be reported to the Seneschal’s office (Principality or Kingdom) as soon as possible. The Kingdom and Principality have a workflow that will be followed. The name of an infected person WILL NOT be released.  Dates of possible exposure will be.

As with everything please remember we are all volunteers.  Your Crown, Seneschal, local Senechals, Marshals etc. are doing the best they can.  These circumstances change on a daily basis.  Kindness goes a long way.  Please do not abuse the officers.  They are doing the work for you and the safety of the Kingdom.

From Society: “No matter what safety precautions we put in place, there is no substitute for each individual being educated about the risk to themselves and their loved ones and making responsible choices to protect themselves and others from this virus.”

Any questions please reach out to the Seneschal.

Attia Prima, OP
Kingdom Seneschal, An Tir