The following gentles are cordially invited to attend the Ethereal Court virtually:

Abigail Blackthorne
Niall Pykesthrall
Judith of Three Mountains
Penelope Violette
Jasmine Trewpenny
Zharko Shimrakovich
Gustaf von Beohmer
Sarra Blackthorne
James the Decisive
Domingo Sanchez Villareal
Arturus Von Wulfen
Ataias ek Paralatae
Eden the Mad
Lo Rei
Michael Leyland Campbell
Soraya Abdo
Alexsii Volkovich
Duke Gabriel de Beaumont
Master Ianto van Diemen
Duke Steffan Glaube
Sir Helgi hersir Hrafnfaedhir
Erlendr Tryggvason

Those of you who are identified above are respectfully invited to join the Ethereal Court Streamyard session to attend Ethereal Court, if you wish. If you are listed above and are interested in attending the Streamyard and being on the broadcast, please message Greifynja Rauokinn (Misty Edmundson) and she will send you the log in instructions. Otherwise, you are welcome to view the Ethereal Court on both the Kingdom Facebook and YouTube pages at 6pm pacific, this Friday January 6th.
It is very important to Their Majesties that everyone understand that being acknowledged in court is not dependent on anyone’s ability to attend. Your attendance is completely optional and no one is required to be on camera. You are encouraged to do what makes you feel comfortable. The scheduled awards will be announced regardless of whether the recipient joins the Streamyard session.

TRM’s court will be streamed live on:
the Kingdom of An Tir’s YouTube channel:
The Kingdom of An Tir Facebook page:

Their Majesties welcome any and all to observe the virtual feed of the January 6, 2023 Ethereal Court through either of these venues.