Badge of the Office of the Seneschal

To the Kingdom of An Tir

In light of the notice from Society last night regarding food and drink it is the Kingdom’s stance that we will NOT be changing the current requirements at this time.

Please continue with the re-opening plan that was laid out in June.


Rosters are to be signed with information on how to reach you.  Failure to do so will subject you to sanctions.  If you are uncomfortable leaving your contact information on the sheet please make sure the person in charge of those rosters receives your information directly.

Any positive result of COVID at an in-person activity needs to be reported to the Seneschal’s office (Principality or Kingdom) as soon as possible.  Be ready to provide your roster sheets.  The Kingdom and Principality have a workflow that will be followed. The name of an infected person WILL NOT be released.  Dates of possible exposure will be.

The language from the Society’s office MUST be posted on everything.  If you question whether you should post it, then it needs to be posted.

As with everything please remember we are all volunteers.  Your Crown, Seneschal, local Senechals, Marshals etc. are doing the best they can.  These circumstances change on a daily basis.  Kindness goes a long way.  Please do not abuse the officers.  They are doing the work for you and the safety of the Kingdom.

From Society: “No matter what safety precautions we put in place, there is no substitute for each individual being educated about the risk to themselves and their loved ones and making responsible choices to protect themselves and others from this virus.”

Thank you.  As always, please feel free to email me should you have any questions.

Attia Prima, OP
Kingdom Seneschal, An Tir