Class Round-Up for May 2nd – May 8th

Though physically distant, gentles the world over are reaching out to generously share their knowledge and experience. With so many online classes and meetings now available in several locations, it can be overwhelming to plan your week. So here is Cunegonda to the rescue, with her handy weekly agenda!

Some classes are scheduled through closed groups; you will have to join the group to participate. These offerings are constantly being updated, so be sure to check the groups and websites below regularly. This is the upcoming schedule as of April 30th, 2020.

These classes have been aggregated from:

SCA Virtual Classroom and Artisan Display:
Honourable Clover:
Royal University of Midrealm (RUM):
An Tir Online Events:
East Kingdom Online Activities:
Disa i Birkilundi – Early Sweden:
Steel Symposium, hosted by Lorica Clothing:

Sat May 2nd

Jerusha’s Embroidery
5/2 11am PST

Bookmaking in the Islamic Style: Class 3: Finishing
Sat 5/2 8am PST

Sun May 3rd

Textile Conservation for Reenactors
5/3 11:00am PST

Making and Using Armour: A Studio Tour with Jeff Wasson
5/3 11:00am PST

Songwriting to Tell a Story
5/3 1:00pm PST

Introduction to Puppetry
5/3 2:00pm PST

Virtual Fiber Frolic!
5/3 1:00pm PST

Mon May 4th

A Knightly Art: Armour as a Medium of Memory
5/4 3:00pm PST

Guacamole Day 1: You Can’t Do It and Hand Fans Throughout the Ages
5/4 4:00pm PST

Keep Thee From a Nunnery
5/4 4:00pm PST

Tue May 5th

Cloth of Steel: Costume Armour of the German Renaissance
5/5 3:00pm PST

Tenntrad Creation for Norse Possament
5/5 4:00pm PST

Introduction to the Latin Language
5/5 4:00pm PST

Wed May 6th

Story Time with Uncle T
5/6 12:00pm PST

Steel for the Small: The art of Jeff de Boer
5/6 3:00pm PST

Virtual Spa Night; Medieval Style
5/6 4:00PM PST

A Food and Cooking Open Forum/Q&A
5/6 4:00pm PST

Teaching Online Classes with Mistress Disa
5/6 6:30pm PST

Introduction to 2D art and Watercolour
5/6 7:00pm PST

Thu May 7th

Where Dreamers Find Courage: The art of Lumecluster
5/7 3:00pm PST

Silent Herald/ASL Practice Session
5/7 6:00pm PST

Guacamole day 2: Ain’t That Fascinating and Oh You Dirty Dirty Word
5/7 4:00pm PST

Beginner Dumbek Workshop
5/7 4:00pm PST

Fri May 8th

A Brief Introduction to South Asian Armour
5/8 3:00pm PST

Medieval and Renaissance Banking, or “How to Succeed in Business Without Being Condemned for Ursury”
5/8 4:00pm PST

Rebel Women
5/8 12pm PST

Traces of Fake Beauty – Archaeological Discoveries of Cosmetics
5/8 5:00pm PST

Basic Leather Knowledge
5/8 4:00pm PST