Online Class Roundup: Friday May 29th – Friday June 5th

It seems that each week I discover new sources offering classes of interest, usually about five minutes after I’ve sent the list. This week I’ve discovered something for our fighting community; Virtual Fighter Practice and SCA Coaches Corner both offer coaching seminars and round-tables. Missed an interesting talk? No worries, they have a valuable archive of videos.

Friday June 5th will be Avacal’s E-THUA; while the schedule has not yet been posted, they have classes on sonnets, gardening, block printing, spices, and food preservation listed to start with. With many collegiums on the horizion, it pays to plan ahead! While the event itself is June 13th, the Kingdom of Atlantia’s University Session requires pre-registration, which ends June 5th. Go over and check out nearly 100 classes to chooses from. Anesteorra’s King’s College has an additional 48 quality classes held that same day, which makes for a very full weekend. Kingdom of Trimaris has their June 20th TRU classes listed for perusal as well.

Some of this week’s additional sources inlcude: Mistress Disa i Birkilundi, Royal University of the Midrealm (RUM), Virtual Academy of Service Minded Individuals, An Tir, SCA Virtual Classroom, ARTemisia Virtual University, East Kingdom, West Kingdom, Ealdormere, Drachenwald, and Honourable Clover. And of course, don’t forget to check out the Known World Entertainment Guide for your SCA-themed entertainment needs.

Friday May 29th
RUM, 4:00 pm PST: Paternosters – A Visual History of Period Prayer
VirtualFighterPractice, 4:30 pm PST: SCA Coaches Corner Roundtable – The Need For Speed Part 2
Virtual Academy, 5:00 pm PST: How to Lay Out Land for Your Group at a War
An Tir, 7:00 pm PST: Jr. Target Archery Marshal Class
Saturday May 30th
RUM, 12:30 pm PST: Witchcraft in Medieval Byzantium
VirtualFighterPractice, 5:00 pm PST: Not ‘Frost Giant’ Fighting: Dispelling The Myths
Sunday May 31st
Atlantia, 10:00 am PST: Getting Started with Kumihimo
RUM, 12:00 pm PST: Music Production, Recording Equipment, and Sound Equpiment
Virtual Classroom, 12:00 pm PST: Baking Roman Breads: Panis Quadratus
Early Sweden, 2:00 pm PST: Teaching Online Classes
ARTemisia, 6:00 pm PST: Hemming a Veil
Monday June 1st
Clover, all day: Recorder 101 (Posted 7am, watch in your own time)
East Kingdom, 1:00 pm PST: Belly Dancing
RUM, 4:00 pm PST: Monday with Mathildis – Lombardic Capitals
Atlantia, 4:00 pm PST: Dancing with yourself
Virtual Academy, 5:00 pm PST: Taking the Fear and Confusion Out of Officer Applications
ARTemisia, 6:00 pm PST: 16th Century Italian Women Poets
West Kingdom, 6:00 pm PST: Beers, Beards, & The Bellatrix Boys
Tuesday June 2nd
East Kingdom, 1:00 pm PST: An Overview of Fabris’ Book Two
RUM, 4:00 pm PST: Welsh Mythology
Ealdormere, 4:30 pm PST: Dumplings
Virtual Academy, 5:00 pm PST: Using the Autocratting Method
Virtual Classroom, 8:30 pm PST: What the Fork?
Wednesday June 3rd
Early Sweden, 2:00 pm PST: A Tripod Pipkin in Clay
Blackstone Library, 2:00 pm PST: Virtual Classical Latin
RUM, 4:00 pm PST: How to Run a MidRealm Court
Virtual Academy, 5:00 pm PST: Round Table on How to Be a Hospitaler in the SCA
VirtualFighterPractice, 6:00 pm PST: Learning To Train Ruthlessly With Sir Helga & Duke Hauoc
Virtual Classroom, 7:00 pm PST: Intro to 2D Art and Watercolour
Thursday June 4th
ARTemisia, 3:00 pm PST: Don’t Try This At Home – Breech Birth and the Podalic Version
Virtual Academy, 5:00 pm PST: Round Table Discussion on Becoming a Protege/Taking a Protege
RUM, 5:15 pm PST: Smocking – Lecture and Demo on Pleat-Work Embroidery
Virtual Classroom, 6:00 pm PST: Silent Herald/ASL Practice
Virtual Classroom, 6:00 pm PST: Virtual Paint Along
Friday June 5th
Drachenwald, 11:30 am PST: Banner Painting with Lady Oriana
RUM, 4:00 pm PST: SCA 101