Online Class Roundup: Friday May 22nd – Friday May 29th

Though physically distant, gentles the world over are reaching out to generously share their knowledge and experience. With so many online classes and meetings now available in several locations, it can be overwhelming to plan your week. So here is Cunegonda to the rescue, with her handy weekly agenda!

As a quick reminder, some classes are scheduled through closed groups; you will have to join the group to participate. These offerings are constantly being updated, so be sure to check the groups and websites for schedule updates regularly. Please check the class details for connection information or materials lists.

Several announcements have gone out for new Collegium’s on the horizon across the Known World; West Kingdom will be holding theirs June 13th, as well as the Kingdom of Atlantia (pre-registration required) and Anesteorra’s King’s College (Schedule, and to Register), while Kingdom of Trimeris on June 20th. Additionally, Lohac has chosen to host the Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium online in July!

This week the Known World Entertainment Guide has gained some traction with more offerings being registered every day. This is a terriffic guide to not only classes but shows, podcasts, events and socials. On the weekend we have the Virtual Potrero War, with a packed schedule of activities. MidRealm continues its daily eRUM classes. The Ethereal East Kingdom have a number of classes offered this week as well, as does Virtual Atlantia, ARTimesia, and Drachenwald. Our very own Mistress Disa i Birkilundi has been kind enough to arrange twice-weekly classes for us, and for those who enjoy scribal arts, the Honourable Lady Jadwiga Radomyskowa offers occasional demonstrations and answers questions, often on Thursdays. If you are in the mood for a good story, Scholastica Joycors offers daily readings of 1001 Nights at noon, PST.

As a quick reminder, some classes are scheduled through closed groups; you will have to join the group to participate. These offerings are constantly being updated, so be sure to check the groups and websites for schedule updates regularly.

Friday May 22nd
ARTemisia, 3:00 pm PST: Appliqued Gonfalon Banners
RUM, 4:00 pm PST: DEI Definitions & Concepts
Saturday May 23rd
Virtual Classroom, 9:00 am PST: Jerusha’s Embroidery Salon
Drachenwald, 9:30 am PST: Brocade Tablet Weaving
Potrero War, 10:00 am PST: Intro to Historical Method; Intro to Embroidery; Mary Queen of Scots: Martyr or Villain
Potrero War, 11:00 am PST: Scriptorium; Pellet With the Poison is in The Flagon With a Dragon
Summits, 11:00 am PST: Insight to Extended Reigns
Potrero War, 11:30 am PST: Developing an Effective and Interesting Persona Presentation
Potrero War, 12:30 pm PST: Sex in the Middle Ages and Renaissance; Who are teh Saami? Culture and Influence
Virtual Classroom, 1:00 pm PST: Working With Fur
Potrero War, 1:00 pm PST: Silk Painting; Vinegar Method Pickling
Potrero War, 2:o0 pm PST: Mermaid Folklore; Would I Lye to You? Soap Making Explained
Potrero War, 3:00 pm PST: Gluten-Free Baking & Sourdoughs; Intro to Suluwesi – a Tablet Weaving Technique
Virtual Classroom, 4:00 pm PST: 14th Century Veil Hem
RUM, 4:00 pm PST: Experiencing the Baths at Home
Sunday May 24th
East Kingdom, 9:00 am PST: Cooking with Perez
Potrero War, 10:00 am PST: How to Get an Inkling Basic Inkle Weaving; Laws of the Leash: Hound Coursing Decoded
Atlantia, 10:00 am PST: Getting Started with Kumihimo
Potrero War, 11:00 am PST: Beginner Baltic Style Pickup Inkle Weaving; How to Teach Rapier 101
RUM, 11:00 am PST: The Courtier: Application to SCA
Potrero War, 12:30 pm PST: Spin-In/Fiber Art Play Time; Sword, Hand and Heart: Mental and Emotional Aspects of Martial Combat
Early Sweden, 2:00 pm PST: Glass Beads Throughout History
Potrero War, 2:00 pm PST: Make Your Own Early Period Lute or Zither; Pell Hangout
RUM, 4:00 pm PST: ‘Is That a Napkin on Her Head?’ Demystifying Safavid Women’s Headwear
Monday May 25th
Drachenwald, 10:30 am PST: Further Adventures in Medieval Cookery
East Kingdom, 1:00 pm PST: Belly Dancing
Atlantia, 4:00 pm PST: The Cantigas de Santa Maria: An Overview
RUM, 4:00 pm PST: Monday with Mathildis: Black Hours Illumination
ARTemisia, 6:00 pm PST: Imprese – Fun With Heraldic Memes
Avacal, 6:30 pm PST: Achievements – or how to add cool stuff around your device
Clover, all day: Recorder 101 (Posted 7am, watch in your own time)
Tuesday May 26th
Drachenwald, 10:00 am PST: Discourse on Heresy
Ealdomere, 11:00 am PST: Kitchen Gardens
RUM, 4:00 pm PST: Sewing Pants – The Straight Leg and Salwar Edition
Virtual Classroom, 8:30 pm PST: What the Fork? Challenge Recipe Discussion
Wednesday May 27th
Atlantia, 4:00 pm PST: Half the Heroes – Sex and Gender in Fighting and the SCA
East Kingdom, 4:00 pm PST: Hair Sewing and Taping
RUM, 4:00 pm PST: Assembling 14th Century Soft Kit
Virtual Classroom, 5:00 pm PST: How to Do Online Classes (Begginer to Advanced)
Virtual Classroom, 7:00 pm PST: Intro to 2D Art and Watercolour
Thursday May 28th
RUM, 4:00 pm PST: Irish Pronunciation for Heralds and Bards
Virtual Classroom, 6:00 pm PST: Silent Herald/ASL Practice
Friday May 29th
Drachenwald, 10:00 am PST: Banner Painting with Lady Oriana
RUM, 4:00 pm PST: Paternosters – A Visual History of Period Prayer