Online Class Roundup: Friday May 15th – Friday May 22nd

Though physically distant, gentles the world over are reaching out to generously share their knowledge and experience. With so many online classes and meetings now available in several locations, it can be overwhelming to plan your week. So here is Cunegonda to the rescue, with her handy weekly agenda!

As a quick reminder, some classes are scheduled through closed groups; you will have to join the group to participate. These offerings are constantly being updated, so be sure to check the groups and websites for schedule updates regularly. Please check the class details for connection information or materials lists.

Artemisia’s Virtual Collegium & Display is here! With 63 hours worth of classes, there’s an abundance of choice. You can take a look at their class offerings online. For an extra jam-packed weekend of learning, Ealdormere’s Fruits of Our Labours XIII (FOOL) is also running this weekend with another 45 hours worth of classes. Have you already pre-registered? MidRealm continues its daily eRUM classes. The Ethereal East Kingdom have a number of classes offered this week as well, as does Virtual Atlantia. Our very own Mistress Disa i Birkilundi, and for those who enjoy scribal arts, the Honourable Lady Jadwiga Radomyskowa offers occasional demonstrations and answers questions, often on Thursdays. If you are in the mood for a good story, Scholastica Joycors offers daily readings of 1001 Nights at noon, PST.

Friday May 15th
Virtual Classroom, 12:00 pm PST: Rebel Women
FOOL XIII, 2:00 pm PST: Lost Wax Carving
East Kingdom, 4:00 pm PST: Getting Good at Things
FOOL XIII, 4:00 pm PST: Naalbinding Round Table
RUM, 5:00 pm PST: Creating a Japanese Kumihimo Braid
Atlantia, 5:00 pm PST: Historical Perfumery. The story of the Fertile Crescent
Saturday May 16th
FOOL XIII, 7:00 am PST: Medicinal Plant Round Table; Deriving Script from Manuscripts; Early Clothing Round Table; How to Research a Feast
FOOL XIII, 8:00 am PST: Vexillollogy Moot; Tying on Two – Attaching Sleeves; Joffr Talks Bees
Virtual Classroom, 9:00 am PST: Jerusha’s Embroidery Salon
FOOL XIII, 10:00 am PST: Cotton; Lost Wax Casting; Female Undergarment Round Table; Dance Footwork – Why Not to Sweat It
Artemesia Collegium, 10:00 am PST: Middle Eastern Lunch; Ottoman Clothing; Intro to Cribbage; Harassment, Bullying, and Discrimination – Reporting Polices; Blacksmithing Techniques; Evolution of Lace; Viking Age Norse Shields; History of Japanese Scrolls; Safavid Persian Women’s Clothing
Artemesia Collegium, 11:00 am PST: So You Wanna Wear Rus; Daydreaming – Stargazing in the Daytime; Glass Bead Demo and Discussion; From Pattern to Portrait – Identifying and Using 16th Century Lace Patterns; Basics of Spear Fighting; Drawn Thread Embroidery
FOOL XIII, 12:00 pm PST: Bardic College Moot; Persona Development Round Table; Sausage Smoked Meat Round Table; Dressing a Warp Weighted Loom
Artemesia Collegium, 12:00 pm PST: Frugal Feast Steward; Ruse Head Wraps; Period Shoes – Construction and Repair; Make Your Own Knife Sheath; Stained Glass 101; Needle Lace – Which Stitch?; A Gentleman’s Guide to Duelling; Pysanky – Art of the Ukrainian Egg
FOOL XIII, 1:00 pm PST: 16th C Instrumental Music; Versals and Other Capitals
Artemesia Collegium, 1:00 pm PST: Manuscript to Dish; Beginning Byzantine Costuming; Portrait of You – Taking Visual Historical Sources and Making the Garb Your Own; Navigation for Wayfarers, Wanderers, and Workers; 15th Century Card Games; Lace Supplies and Round Table; Introduction to Range and Measure; Scribal 101; Introduction to Blackwork
Artemesia Collegium, 2:00 pm PST: SCA Clothes for Kids; Sewing with Fur; 12th Century Industrial Revolution; Enamelling Demonstration; Getting Started with Needle Lace; Perfecting your Defence; Scribal 102 – Words Layouts and Scribal Hands; Period Knitting for Beginners
Artemesia Collegium, 3:00 pm PST: Tools and Techniques for Planning Events; Easy Period Elizabethan Underwear; Intro to Horses in History; Mary Stuart – The True Story of Mary Queen of Scots; How to Win Fighter Practice; The Fashion of Eleonora di Toledo; Beginning Nalbinding – Mammen Stitch
Artemesia Collegium, 4:00 pm PST: Viking Age Cooking Aventures; Come Chat with Laurels; Intro to War Drumming; Tracing Tools and Tagliente – Historic Pattern Transfer; Video Analysis for Rapier Combat; Basic Heraldry
Sunday May 17th
FOOL XIII, 7:00 am PST: Sewing and Embroidery Tools; Skinny on Sourdough; Conducting Research for SCA Projects
FOOL XIII, 8:00 am PST: Cartridge Pleating; Alchemy 201 – Saponification; Lucky 13 – Norse Superstitions
FOOL XIII, 10:00 am PST: Coin Die Carving Demo; Gardening Round Table; Medieval Food Preservation
Atlantia, 10:00 am PST: Basics of Nalbinding Part 2: Heels and Thumbs
FOOL XIII, 11:00 am PST: Fines, Lines, and Dots
RUM, 11:00 am PST: Making Commedia dell’Arte Performances happen in the SCA
FOOL XIII, 12:00 pm PST: Surface Embroidery for Garments; Baltic Headdress 3 Ways with Pashmina; The Basics of Adult Education; Making Lenten Almond Butter
Virtual Classroom, 12:00 pm PST: Baking Roman Breads: Libum
Virtual Classroom, 1:00 pm PST: GDW Virtual Fiber Frolic #3
Early Sweden, 2:00 pm PST: Much ado about Haithabu-Making Haithabu Poofy Pants
RUM, 4:00 pm PST: Taking the Teeth Out of Stage Fright
Monday May 18th
East Kingdom, 4:00 pm PST: Norse Poetry
RUM, 4:00 pm PST: Monday with Mathildis – Raised Gilding
Clover, all day: Recorder 101 (Posted 7am, watch in your own time)
Tuesday May 19th
East Kingdom, 4:00 pm PST: Intro to Pleating and Smocking
RUM, 4:00 pm PST: Performance Prep and Basic Concert Gear
Atlantia, 4:00 pm PST: Roxbury Mill A&S: Rice Paste Resist Dyeing
Virtual Classroom, 8:30 pm PST: What the Fork? Challenge Recipe Discussion
Wednesday May 20th
Virtual Classroom, 12:00 pm PST: Story Time with Uncle T
East Kingdom, 4:00 pm PST: Know Your Enemy – Understanding the Nature and Art of Your Fencing Opponent
RUM, 4:00 pm PST: Skully Bits: Skulls and Skeletons in Prayer Beads
Early Sweden, 6:30 pm PST: Cover Your Head! Beginning Headwraps and Veils
Virtual Classroom, 7:00 pm PST: Intro to 2D Art and Watercolour
Thursday May 21st
Virtual Classroom, 1:30 pm PST: Beginning Bobbin Lace
RUM, 4:00 pm PST: Women in the Crusades
Virtual Classroom, 6:00 pm PST: Silent Herald/ASL Practice
Friday May 22nd
RUM, 4:00 pm PST: DEI Definitions & concepts