August 19th, 2023, in the lands of An Tir, in Chehalis Washington. Their Majesties Spoke of great deeds of their populace.

 The following awards were given out upon the grassy fields of An Tir.

 Thora the Weaver – Award of Arms

 James the Shoemaker  – Griffe et du Lion

Tomasso Dragonetti – Sable Pheon

Chelsea of Cougars Cove – Award of Arms

Ysmiralda di Istria – Sanguine Thorn

Olivia of Glymm Mere – Award of Arms

Raphiel of Bryn Gwald – L’esperon et du Lion

Pleiades – Award of Arms

Jack Wilde Von Hessen – Sanguine Thorn

Uhtred Tiernanson – Award of Arms

Brandr inn havi – Sanguine Thorn

Also, upon this day, Blatha an Oir’s new Baron and Baroness were invested into the court, and now protect and hold the lands of Blatha an Oir. Nels Ulfgar i Jaren and Elizabeth Fitzwilliam de Carlisle. 

 Their Majesties thanked the stepping down Baron and Baroness for their service during the last 4 years. Yusuf Ja’bar al Timbuktuwwi el qalot who already held a Court Baron. And Angharat verch Reynulf who was awarded a Court Baroness for her service.

Many cheers for the recipients of the word fame and awards.  Many cheers for the generosity of their Majesties. 

Long Live the King, Long Live the Queen, Long Live An Tir!


HL, Kira Mikkeldotter