Greetings to the Populace of An Tir,

  This weekend their Majesties Livia and Morgan travelled to the far lands of Wealdsmere, to lend their strength against the forces of Artemisia and Avacal and hold these lands for the Sable Thrones!  

 The populace of Wealdsmere and surrounding Inlands Baronies rose victorious, and their Majesties awarded many for their great deeds.

 Hear now of the awards given by their hand and seal.

Torfi Osrikson  awarded a  L’Esperon
Serafina Zerbi the youth of our kingdom given a Leo Minor
Adom Smity awarded a  L’Esperon
Davey Brushwater awarded a  Sanguine Thorn
Tova Fransdottir  given a Hearth of Hospitality
Phelan Tolusmiðr also given a Hearth of Hospitality
Isobella Forbes awarded a Griffe et du lion
Ástríðr Burlufótr awarded a Sanguine Thorn
Jannet Fletcher given for generosity a Bountiful Hand
Ceawlin Silvertongue awarded a  Sanguine Thorn
Sigrid in Vinlenska awarded a  Goutte de Sang

Many cheers for the populace of the Inlands, for guarding our Borders and their great deeds to the Kingdom.

YIS, in voice and heart,

HL Kira Mikkeldotter