To Our dearest populace and people of An Tir,

We find Ourselves writing yet another unprecedented missive.  Last week marked events never before seen in Our realm.  But We do not write to discuss or engage on those matters.  We write today to reaffirm Our pledge, Our oath, that We swore to our predecessors on the Crowns and Great Symbols of State. We write today swearing to protect and defend you, Our populace, to the best of Our abilities, through trials, tribulations, mirth, and merriment until Our Heirs ascend these thrones.  We pledge to uphold the ideals on which Our great kingdom was founded.  To honor the people who continue to be the beating heart of the land.  In times when the Great Lion has been laid low, it is then that the Lioness, in Her glory and grace protects the pride.  You, dear populace of An Tir, are My pride and I will protect you as if you were My own cubs.  We call it the Sable Lion Lands.  In these times, we are together tested.  We are the Land of the Sable Lions, one family, one pride, one An Tir!

Sable Lioness An Tir