The Kingdom Streaming Co-lead (volunteer and on-Site organizer)  is in search of a replacement to take over at 12th Night 2024. The job description is as follows:

Organize volunteers for On Site Coordinator, Camera Operators, Communication Operators, and Producers for Crown and Kingdom events. I.E., 12th Night, May Crown, July Cor, Sept. Crown.

Liaise with the Royals on what they would like covered beyond those four events. Some sitting Royals want any event that they attend covered when possible, others just want to stick to the main four.

Maintain event Excel spreadsheet with list of events and volunteers, track viewing numbers and report to Kingdom quarterly (or every Curia)

You can act as On Site Coordinator if you wish for any of the Big Four events or others.

As On Site lead you are responsible for

–Reach out to the event steward  and ask if Wi-Fi is available.  

–If no Wi-Fi determine if someone with a Hotspot, Starlink or unlimited data is available to act as camera operator

 –Reach out for volunteers for camera, producer and communications jobs and schedule accordingly.

–Reach out to royal court coordinator and scribe and ask for copies of the docket and of awards being given out (When it is not a Kingdom Co-Lead acting as either On Site Coordinator or Head Producer, then the Kingdom Co-lead should reach out via the official email to get this information and distribute accordingly, to make sure no one involved in the stream sees their own

To apply for co-lead stream coordinator please send an  email to Please list your qualifications and reason for your interest.