Known World Virtual Marketplace

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As Kingdoms across the Known World cancel events, An Tir would like to acknowledge and support the Society-wide merchant community’s potentially significant loss of revenue.

To that end, We are temporarily providing a page for merchants to be able to list links to their websites in an effort to encourage online shopping in lieu of the foot traffic they would normally have received. This page will be shared with all of the Kingdoms of the Known World.

Please email with the name of your business, the link to your online catalog or shop, a one-line description of what you sell, and one photo (e.g. a logo or similar representative photo) and we will post it here on our Website. Links will be personally vetted by the An Tir Kingdom Webteam and no advertising money is expected or wanted.

If you were planning to spend your money with a merchant at an event this weekend, please consider spending that money with the merchant online instead. Many of our merchants, especially at larger events, depend on income from those events to continue their livelihood.