Greetings People of An Tir,

King Christian, Queen Helene, and I continue to monitor the state of the many municipalities that make up An Tir and how those municipalities are responding to the continued concerns of the Covid-19 pandemic. At this time we must make the difficult decision to continue the cancellation of events through the end of August. We are having ongoing conversations about the future of activities (martial practices, socials, meetings, etc) and a separate announcement regarding activities for August will be forthcoming.

As the summer progresses, more information is becoming available as to the ability for certain events to take place. The reopening plan for the State of Oregon makes it clear that September Crown will not be able to proceed this year. While the Crown and I regret that we must again postpone Crown Tournament, we believe this cancellation is in the best interest of public safety and is also in compliance with governmental health regulations.

Please know that events with the size and complexity of September Crown often have multiple contracts in place. Cancelling at this time may seem early but please keep in mind that the decision to cancel must take into consideration the limiting of our financial liability. We do not want to pay unnecessary cancellation fees; such fees often increase as events draw closer. My deep thanks to the Shire of Hauksgardr for incorporating a Coronation into an already very full weekend. Many volunteer hours have gone into the planning and preparation of this event and it is very much appreciated.

At this time, An Tir has received a variance from the Society Seneschal to extend the reign of King Christian III and Queen Helene III to the weekend of Kingdom Feast, October 16-18th. Until we know more about what October may bring, we are working with the event staff to incorporate a Crown Tournament into Kingdom Feast. The victors of the Tournament will be Crowned at that event as stipulated by our approved society variance. I want to thank the event steward of Kingdom Feast, Lady Ciar. Her Ladyship has been extremely gracious with contingency planning for this very situation. More information about the Crown Tournament itself will come when we have a few more details defined.

Thank you, An Tir for your continued flexibility as we navigate these uncertain times. It is my great hope to see you all again soon.

In Service to Crown and Kingdom,
Mistress Alianora Greymoor, OP
Kingdom Seneschal of An Tir