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From the Kingdom Seneschal’s desk – The Last One, oh and 12th night

I know, after 3 years you are probably tired of hearing from me. That’s okay, this is the last one you will survive. 12th Night! I will say it once more…IF YOU ARE SICK STAY HOME. Consider testing before leaving. COVID and other respiratory viruses are running rampant right now. The weather is going to be interesting this weekend. If you are coming South of Portland try to leave earlier. The goal is to be through the Portland/Metro area before 2pm. (Traffic kicks off about 2-3pm in the afternoon….then you throw some white stuff in and boom you are in traffic for the next 5 hours. (True story it happens at least once a year). Make sure to carry traction devices in your car if you do not already have studded tires. They still aren’t sure if the ice will hit Portland, or further South and by that I mean Salem. Your big ole’ truck may have 4-wheel drive, but those big ole’ trucks are the ones I usually see in the ditch on the side of the road while I tootle pass in my Chevy Traverse going 25 miles per hour.

Let’s be safe! This final message of safety brought to you by the outgoing Kingdom Seneschal, Attia