Badge of the Office of the Seneschal

Important Notice about Proof of Membership at Gate

Receiving a membership card in the mail is now optional when renewing (or obtaining new) memberships through the SCA portal. In fact, the default choice for mailing is No.  

For those working Gate this means that proof of membership will increasingly be shown by phone, tablet, or even a printed copy that looks nothing like the blue card that has become so associated with membership over the years.

It’s important the Gate workers understand and know what to look for, so they know that more than the blue card is accepted. Below is a sample picture of what is sent immediately upon payment through the membership portal. This IS proof of membership.

Additionally, a Gate Myth that needs to pass into the ether – it is NOT necessary to see a person’s signature on the back of their blue card (if they still have a card).

Tip for those with the new proof of membership: take a screenshot and save the image in your photos on your phone so it’s both easier to find and it’s accessible when at a site where there is no internet or cell service.