From the Crown of An Tir Regarding Further Cancellations

Greetings to Our beloved Populace,

We find Ourselves once again in the unfortunate position of needing to cancel further events.

While the lands in this great Kingdom are vast and current levels of infection vary from region to region, We believe it is in the Kingdom’s best interest to extend the suspension of all SCA activities to align with the Modern Health Authorities current recommendation of 8 weeks.

We love the people of An Tir, and We feel this is the best chance We have to keep you as far out of harm’s way as is within Our power.

Over the past days, Our hearts have been warmed by the resilience, dedication, and care We have witnessed among Our people: offers of assistance to those who are struggling, planning of online classes, virtual merchant’s row, streaming demonstrations of art, and spaces for group online hangouts, to name a few. You make Us proud, An Tir.

We will make it through this, and this Kingdom will be stronger when this is behind us. We hope to return to the regular schedule of events as soon as is safe. Please see the missive shared from Our tireless Kingdom Seneschal for further details.

Until We meet again, We are here for you: do not hesitate to reach out with any matters you wish to discuss.

Christian III
Rex An Tir

Hélène III
Regina An Tir