Device of the Kingdom of An Tir

Unto the people and populace of An Tir,

On the heels of the global pandemic which leaves many isolated and concerned, We find ourselves facing another world-altering challenge. We hear the concerns, worries, and outrage of Our people and we stand with the tenets of Chivalry, Honor, Inclusivity, and Justice that have shaped An Tir. We will always oppose injustice and work to make Our Kingdom a better place.

Social Media has become a megaphone for divisiveness on all sides. As stated by the SCA Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, it is a time for us all to “continue to work to make [the] SCA a haven for all.”

With this, we have heard from many about posts and discussions on social media and We hear your calls for action. We encourage each of you to continue to report things that stand against your values and those of Our Kingdom and Organization.

At this time, we are working with local officers and Our Kingdom Seneschal to ensure that these concerns are escalated appropriately to the Society Seneschal and the Board of Directors.

We encourage you all to review An Tir’s Bullying and Harassment policy and grievance procedures. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your local Seneschal, your Principality Seneschal, or the Kingdom Seneschal.

As always, We are here for the good people of An Tir, as well.

These are very troublesome times, emotions are riding on high, and We, like many of you, are feeling the strain echoing around the globe.

We encourage everyone to be understanding and to be kind. Through kindness, we will all persevere, and when we are able to come together again, we will do so knowing that we are One An Tir, a chosen family, working to be the best, most welcoming, and most inclusive place.

Long Live An Tir

Christian III

Hélène III