Greetings Unto the Populace of An Tir,

Vast are the lands of An Tir encompassing many beautiful sites and wonders.  Nothing though is as wonderful as the works and deeds of its populace.  Their Majesties visited the Principality of Tir Righ for their Coronet on November the 4th of 2023 and bestowed upon the following awards on these deserving gentles.

Jacomina van Vossenbrouck – Order of the Grey Goose Shaft

Abbygale – AoA

Halima al Rakkasa – Laurel

Sorcha inghean Triein – Goutte De Sang

Beornwynn of Stanleia – AoA

Connall MacLagmayn – Pelican

Giuliana da Castiglione – Order of the Grey Goose Shaft

Rosalind McAllistair – Sable Scrivener

Melyes Aniko – Pelican

Ealusaid of Ros – Goutte De Sang

Einar Guntherson – Sable Gauntlet

May cheers of celebration echo from the snow topped mountains to the desert plains.