Greetings Unto the Populace of An Tir,

    Short the days grow but the word fame of An Tir grows large and is spread far. Their Majesties visited the Barony of Terra Pomaria on October 21st, 2023 and bestowed upon the following awards on these good gentles.

Sindri inn hárfagri – Ordo Vitae

Gwyneth Blackthorn – Sable Scrivener

Muirenn inghean Uí Cléirigh – Griffe et du Lion

Ayla Roth – Order of the Pelican

Zulaikha Al-Zarqa  – Ordo Vitae

Luther Gütman – Sable Pheon

Adele Neuton – Ordo Vitae

Clovis de Walton – Court Baron

Ximena – Court Baroness

Carith de Cuevas – Sanguine Thorn

 And awarded the lands unto Stefan de Kilpatrick as Baron of Terra Pomaria and Anna Elizabeth von Engelberg as Baroness of Terra Pomaria.

May a joyous noise be raised throughout the lands for the hard labors of the populace of An Tir.