To the Greatest Kingdom in the Known World (An Tir),

   I bring you news of their Majesties and the great doings of the people of An Tir.

  On November 18th, 2023, the Best Bardic Circle was held to choose Their Majesties new Bardic Champion. On this day several amazing bards stepped forward to compete for the title, Margaret ingen Domnaill was Victorious and named An Tir’s Champion.

    During morning court Their Majesties Morgan and Livia presented Thorin Styrkarrson with an Award of Arms.

 Evening Court brought the announcement of the Champion. A presentation from Duke Styrkarr to Sigrun Skaldsdottir of her Laurel Scroll, a Runestone made by Duschess Inga’s hands.

 Phillip of Norwoode was presented with an Award of Arms

 Colette la Trouvere was presented with the Lion’s Troubador, stepping down as the Bardic Champion. Thank you for your service and for sharing your love of song.

 Ragnar Styrkarrson was Elevated to the Order of Chivalry. Knighted amongst his peers and family.

 Morgaina atte Woodlonde was made a Court Baroness.

 All this and a full day of learning and comradery in the Inlands at Collegium.

 Three Cheers for An Tir and the great deeds of the people and the new Champion.

 Long Live the King, Long Live the Queen


 HL, Kira Mikkeldotter