During the Weekend of September 1st thru September 4th, 2023 Their Majesties Morgan & Livia hosted a grand tournament to declare the Heirs to the thrown of An Tir.

 Sir Ulfgar Thorvaldson, inspired by Juahara al Azin, was victorious that day, and was invested as the Prince and Princess of An Tir. 

   Over the course of the weekend our Majestic King and Beautiful Queen spoke glorious words of their populace and the following accolades were given by their hand and seal.

 Richard Fergus Fitzalan Elevated to the Order of the  Pelican

John de Percy Awarded Lion’s Arrow Nereugei Kitad-un Awarded Goutte de Sang

Thomas of Salisbury Awarded Sable Pheon

Malyss Makneile made Lion’s Blood Herald

Audrey Gower Awarded Lion’s Cub

Evelyn Gower Awarded  Lion’s Cub

Decimus Aurelius Elevated to the Order of the Chivalry
Alessandra Luciana Giancomo Awarded a Silver Lily
Alessandra Luciana Giancomo Awarded Lions Strength
Saif ibn Owain Awarded a  Silver Rose
Magdelena Kress Elevated to the Order of the Pelican
Aife ingen Finnláech Awarded a Sanquine Thorn
Meagan ferch Meredydd Elevated to the Order of the  Pelican
Murdoch Sinclair Elevated as a  Master of Defence
Jacomina van Vossenbrouck became the Kingdom Protector

 YIS, In voice and heart,

HL, Kira Mikkeldotter