Greetings to the Populace of An Tir
In the year of AS LVIII, 15 th day of July, a great cheer was heard throughout the lands.
Their Majesties Morgan Claymore and Livia Alexandra Severa ascended to the thrones.
In their first court they recognized the following individuals for their great deeds and great generosity of
knowledge and time.

Athanasios Belisarios – awarded Count and Grace of An Tir
Alianora Greymoor – awarded Countess and Order of the Rose
Mea Giuliana Passavanti – Awarded Griffe de Leon and became Aestel Herald
Lissette de la Rose – Became Lion’s Sword Herald
Adele Neuton – Awarded Jambe de Leon
Nereugei Kitad-un – Awarded Sable Gauntlett
Aenor de Pessac – Awarded a Bountiful Hand
Angharat verch Reynulf – Awarded a Bountiful Hand
Elewys of Finchingfield – Awarded a Bountiful Hand
Gabriella Marguerite Simonetti – Awarded a Bountiful Hand
Alessandra Lorenza di Martini d’Simonetti – Awarded a Bountiful Hand
Myrun Bjarnardottir – Awarded a Bountiful Hand
Zanobia Fiorentini – Awarded Jambe de Leon
Ronan Mac an Leagha – Awarded Sable Gauntlet
Sun Jiang – Awarded Hastae Leonis

On July 16 th A.S LVIII
Alexandros Leontos – Awarded Lion’s Sword
Eirik Daegersson – Won Kingdom Champion

Three Cheers for the recipients.