On the 22 nd of April, 2023, A.S. 57, King Athos and Queen Alianora travelled to the College of
Lyonmarche to hold court and give these awards to their deserving nobles.

Award of Arms given to Mira of Wyewood
Sanguin Thorn Given to Raven Morganstern
Award of Arms given to Decimus Antonius Vegetius
Award of Arms given to Padraic Armstrong
Award of Arms given to Tanner of Wealdsmere
Alimentum Vitae given to Janusch Vladuscu
Righteous Rath given to Melike bint Mihail
Righteous Rath given to Seamus de Mantel
Alimentum Vitae given to Dagrún Stjarna Ulriksdottír
Award of Arms given to Koldbjorn of Wealdsmere
Bountiful Hand given to Janette Fletcher
Sable Gauntlet given to Zornhut Rosenbau
Bountiful Hand given to ‘Izza ad Dimashqiyya
Bountiful Hand given to Alexandre de Sant Roma de Sau

Fury of the Lion – Defender of the Realm given to:
Pike Hausakljufr
Agnarr Hafthor
Hamarr Hakasson
Arawn MacPhillian

Fury of the Lion – Captain of the Realm given to:
Phillip de Mantel
Seamus de Mantel
Hasta Leonis given to Nicholas de Beaumont
Sanguin Thorn given to Lantani de Forez