Court Report for Ethereal Court, 01/06/23

Their Majesties of An Tir, King Octamasades and Queen Achaxe are pleased to present the awards bestowed to their populace at Ethereal Court:

Lion’s cub            Abigail Blackthorn

Forget Me Not   Dafne Fraser

Thrones Favor    Dafne Fraser

Award of Arms   Niall Pykesthrall

Jambe de Leon  Ulaan

Griffe et du lion Judith of three mountains

Award of Arms   Zharko Shimrakovich

Goutte de sang  Gustaf vonBeohmer

Award of Arms   Sarra Blackthorne

Leo Minor           Arturus Von Wulfen

Goutte de sang  Domingo Sanchez Villarreal

Leo Minor           James the Decisive

Forget Me Not   Ataias ek Paralatae

Forget Me Not   Penelope Violette

Forget Me Not   Eden the Mad

Forget Me Not   Michael Leyland Synclair

Forget Me Not   Soraya Abdo

Forget Me Not   Lorei

Forget Me Not   Saraswati

Forget Me Not   Jasmine Al Du

Forget Me Not   Aleksii Konstantinovich Chernoi

Kings favors       

Kings Favor         Duke Gabriel de Beaumont (Lochac)

Kings Favor         Master Ianto van Diemen (Lochac)

Kings Favor         Sir Helgi hersir hrafnfaedhir (West)

Kings Favor         Erlendr Tryggvason (Lochac)

Kings Favor         Duke Steffan Glaube (Lochac)