Greetings An Tir!  

The Crier and Kingdom Website are looking for submissions!  What kind of submissions, you ask?  Well, there are lots of ways to contribute.   

Types of articles:  

  • Events – Your local event is super fun and full of activities, tell people about the event and encourage them to join you! This can be completely separate from your official event copy.  

  • Branches – Is your branch doing really interesting things?  Any big planned projects?  Tell us about them!  

  • Arts – Are you making something amazing?  Tricks and tips to help others?  Things you have learned from taking on a project?  Share your love and enthusiasm with others!  

  • History – Have you researched a person, event, or period of history?  Share your knowledge with an article!  

  • Combat – Maybe you’re making armor, have useful hints on how to make repairs, thoughts on the philosophy of combat, or interesting how-to’s.  Others could benefit from your insight!  

  • New to the SCA – Articles about being a newcomer, your experience at an event, or with getting “stuff” together for camping or garb.  

  • New to An Tir – If you moved to An Tir from somewhere else, tell us a cultural anthropology story that you’d like to share with others who move here from out of Kingdom. 

  • Volunteering – Officers, Champions, Baronial Coronets, Royalty; this is a great opportunity to tell others about your job and experiences!  Tell us about what it means to be an officer.  Maybe share some helpful tips you’ve learned along the way.  

  • SCA Culture – Do you have a fun story to share?  Maybe some An Tir history knowledge? A fun and quirky advice column?  Share away.  These types of engaging articles are fun for everyone!  

  • Much more.  If you think you have something interesting, helpful, or fun to share, please do!  Let us help you spread your information around the Kingdom. Articles can be turned into an ongoing column or series! 

 How long should an article be?  Ideally from a publication perspective, articles aren’t too long. Maybe between 1 and 5-7 paragraphs. Anything longer can be broken into multiple articles (part 1, part 2, etc.). We have editors who can help. Articles people have written for Baronial or Principality publications count too!  

We hope you consider writing something to share with the Kingdom about your interests, in the hope that it will inspire others to learn.  Please reach out to the Kingdom Chronicler, Kingdom Webminister, or Kingdom Seneschal with any questions!