It is with a heavy heart that We find it is prudent to suspend activities within our Kingdom, following the progression of Coronavirus/COVID-19 and the current health concerns surrounding it.

The care and well-being of Our people is paramount of Our responsibilities, and We see it prudent to do what We can to minimize the potential for community transmission to Our populace, and to those outside our game that we interact with.

With consideration of the nature of our events and the cautionary guidelines and requests from modern health officials across Our Kingdom’s many regions, We can no longer encourage travel for large gatherings, risking potential exposure to Our populace and especially the more vulnerable members of Our organization.

We have a Kingdom of strong dedicated members who travel great distances to attend our event.
With this in mind, Our concerns turn to the potential impact this may have across Our lands and abroad, and as well to the many people we may spend our time with when we return home.

The ability to accurately predict the effect of an event like this are limited, though with the best hopes in mind we may find this concern subsides quickly and becomes no worse than what we see today.
Our belief is in the best, and that we may all return to our chosen communities and families with little interruption or delay.

In light of this, We cannot rest without knowing that We had taken every action that was within Our abilities to mitigate this issue within Our community and protect our people.

We love the people of An Tir, and We see this as our best course of action, moving forward.

Christian III
Rex An Tir

Hélène D’Anjou III
Regina An Tir