Heirs’ Retinue

Each Crown who sits the throne appoints a team to coordinate the administration of their Royal Reign. The team members and roles may differ from reign to reign at the discretion of the Crown.

Maestra Alessandra Luciana Giancomo

Heirs Head of Retinue

The Head of Retinue is in charge of all of Their Royal Highnesses’ retainers, guards and ladies in waiting. He or she makes sure that Their Royal Highnesses are well attended, well fed, not thirsty, and takes care of other necessary administrative things at Their Royal Highnesses’ discretion.



Baroness Alyse al Zahra

Court Coordinator

The court coordinator is responsible for preparing and organizing the court docket and making sure that Royal court flows smoothly. If you would like to request time in court, please contact the court coordinator.

Lady Eden the Mad

Incoming Royal Scribe

The Royal Scribe is responsible for the award documents of the reign. He or she oversees award charter production (design, wordsmithing, calligraphy, artwork, printing, distribution, painting, and personalization), commissions custom scrolls and/or objects given as awards, sees that awards are signed and sealed as needed, and works closely with the Court Coordinator to deliver all these in a timely manner.


Mistress Lissette de la Rose

Recruiter/Head of Personnel

The Head of Personnel reports to the Head of Retinue and ensures that Their Royal Highnesses have attendants as and when They travel throughout the Kingdom.



Lady Ylva Annarsdottir

Incoming Largesse Coordinator

The Largesse Coordinator receives, organizes, records, and assists in the appropriate re-distribution of gifts received by the Royals.

About Prince Christian


His Royal Highness Christian Bane is from 13th Century Breton. His home branch is Lions Gate in the Principality of Tir Righ.

His favorite colors are those found on his device: black and gold.

Food and Drink Preferences

His Royal Highness has no food allergies. He prefers a low-carb, gluten-free diet rich in all manner of fruits, vegetables, meats, and cheeses. He prefers mildly spiced dishes that do not set his mouth aflame. He dislikes any dish too rich in cream. When offering His Highness a drink, he prefers coffee and diet drinks but will not partake in alcoholic beverages.

About Princess Hélène


Her Royal Highness Hélène d’Anjou is from 12th century France. Her home branch is Lions Gate in the Principality of Tir Righ.

Her favorite colors are: black and gold.

Food and Drink Preferences

IMPORTANT: Her Royal Highness is diabetic.

Her Royal Highness has no food allergies. She does not tolerate carbohydrates and will refuse any dish containing pork. She especially enjoys meats, cheeses, blueberries and dark chocolate. When offering Her Majesty a warm drink she prefers tea and also enjoys dark beer.