A guild generally starts when a bunch of like-minded people get together and start talking about, sharing, and learning about their common interest. At that point, the concept of guild-hood is often raised. To further this, the group of like-minded people should meet regularly; perhaps at every kingdom event. When you and your group feel you’re ready to start the process to become an official kingdom guild, write up a proposal for presentation to the Crown and the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Minister. In the proposal include the purpose of the guild, its structure, the first officers, activities, the limits of the guild, and proof of at least five Sustaining Members in two different branches of the Kingdom.

If your guild is approved by the Crown and the Arts & Sciences Minister, you will go through a period as an incipient guild of six months to three years. If the Crown and the Arts & Sciences Minister are satisfied that you are a viable guild and will be an asset to the Kingdom, you may petition the Crown to execute a charter making your guild official.If your guild produces a newsletter, you should send complimentary copies to the Royalty and the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Minister.

Guilds of An Tir