Earl Marshal

Earl Marshal

Viscount Durin Oldenmoor Tjorkilskin

Earl Marshal

A member of the Earl Marshal's team

Warrant expires: 05/31/2026

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The Kingdom Earl Marshal (KEM) is the chief martial officer of An Tir.

The responsibilities of the Earl Marshal are to:

- Represent the Crown in the Crown's absence, supervising the fighting on a field of honor.
- Interpret and maintain the martial standards and regulations of the Kingdom.
- Provide final approval or disapproval of equipment within the rules the Society officers have set. This may be for a type of weapon or armor used by a large number of fighters, or it may be because a specific individual has chosen to appeal a decision on their equipment all the way up the chain of officers.
- Facilitate the education of the populace in combat with the aim of encouraging authentic, safe, fair and chivalric combat to the greatest extent possible.

Contact Information:

email: earlmarshal@antir.org

Office Web Resources: