An Tir’s Kingdom Newsletter is called “The Crier”. Our archives begin in October 1971 when An Tir was still a Principality of the Kingdom of the West. The Kingdom newsletter is published monthly and includes content from all over the realm.

Kingdom of An Tir Privacy Statement – The Crier Archive (click to expand)

This policy is applicable only to the electronic archive of The Crier which is stored on the Kingdom of An Tir website. It does not take into account any existing print version of the document; only that which exists in this particular file folder.

This policy does not apply to The Crier Archive which exists on the Society website which requires a membership number and password

Access to The Crier Archive on the An Tir website requires a login on the Kingdom website

Per Society regulations, as of mid-2018, personal addresses are no longer published in The Crier, only names, phone numbers* and approved e-mail addresses. *Personal phone numbers are no longer published effective February 2021, except when supplied for BOD members.

The Crier documents have all been scanned in a non-OCR, PDF format. The Crier Archive cannot be searched with keywords. Anyone looking for information will need to read each document. (Think microfiche as opposed to database.)

Redaction of Personal Information

* Individuals may request redaction of their personal information only. Custodial parents or guardians may also request redaction of current minors. Once people have reached the age of majority, they are responsible for making their own request.

* The following information will be redacted:

a. Personal addresses (physical and email) and phone numbers

b. Any information for an individual in the Washington State Address Confidentiality Program or any other protection program within the mundane borders of the Kingdom of An Tir.

The following information will not be redacted:

a. Royal Proclamations

b. Legal notices

Personal information will be redacted by the following procedure:

a. The individual sends a request to redact information to the current Chronicler who will work with the current archivist or deputy responsible.

b. The request needs to provide the following information:

1. Identify each issue that contains the information that needs to be redacted. (e.g.: July and August 2006)

2. Identify the listing that needs to be redacted in that issue (e.g.: July 2006 issue: Page 26, Whopping Big Tourney and August 2006 issue, Page 30, Whopping Big Tourney)

3. If the custodial parent is making the request for a current minor child, please provide a separate listing.

Once this request has been received, the current archivist will block out only that personal information requested. The existing story, photo or any other information that exists on that page will remain intact

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