Wyewood Champions & Summer Feast


Hosted By Device of Wyewood

The Barony of Wyewood (South King County, WA)

Event Summary:

Date: July 24 , 2010
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on July 24th 2010
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on

Event site:
Wyewood Archery Practice Field
8621 S 180th St, Behind Associated Energy Sys Kent, WA 98032

Click here for more information about this location such as site amenities, rules, and restrictions.


Wyewood Championships and Summer

Shire of Wyewood  Kent WA

July 24, 2010


The Shire of Wyewood  welcomes all to their
Championship and Feast.

Come out to compete for our Heavy Combat, Rapier, Archery, A
& S/Bardic Championships.  When done come to the


to Open at 10am at Champions site

for Rapier opens at 10:30am

starts at 11am

List opens at 11:30 and to start as soon as Rapier is

for Heavy Combat opens at 1:00 and will start as soon as
Archery is done

will start at 2:30pm at the Feast Hall.

for Feast will open at 5pm at Feast Hall.


  Requirements for Wyewood

membership in SCA (Blue or White

Proper authorizations, as
required by Corpora or Kingdom Law, must be show when
entering the lists.

Age 18 or older unless
specified otherwise in SCA/Kingdom rules.

The previous year’s champion
and/or the Marshal in Charge of that activity will determine
format for each competition.  This can be a
collaborative effort.

5) Current Champions may not succeed

Two or more contenders must
enter lists for a champion to be named.  There will be
NO default Champions!

Champions are strongly
encouraged to attend Wyewood sponsored events including those
not appearing on the Kingdom calendar; such
as fighter/rapier /archery practices, and Full Contact
Socials (FCS).  In addition, the champion is encouraged
to offer classes or activities pertaining to their


The formats for the Martial Champions, which will be held at
the Wyewood archery range, are listed below:


-Rapier will be a double round robin-London Masters- top 2 to
the finals (best of 5) (Bring all your weapons, no

-Archery- Points Based- Royal Rounds / Novelty with the top 4
to finals

-Armored Combat- Sir Rodrekr
(Wyewood 1st Armored Combat Champion)
running the format for this and he will base his decision on
the format on the number of fighters in



– 4pm at Wyewood Archery Range for Champions Tourney
(Heavy Combat, Rapier and Archery)

5pm to 9pm
Feast at North Hill Community Center (Feast and A &


Gate for
Champions $5.00 plus NMS

Feast Fee: Adults – 16 and
above, $15.00 

Youths – 10 through15, $10.00

Children – 3 through 9, $7.00 

Under 3 – no charge

Off-board (3 and up) $5.00

Package for entire event $50. 2 Adult & 2 Children
under 16yrs

surcharge at prevailing rate of $5.00

Make checks
payable to Shire of Wyewood/SCA Inc


For the
feast, pre-registration is required. (Closed) Send emails


HL Wulfwyn (Tina Curtis)tabradley@yahoo.com


10am to 4pm
for the Heavy, Rapier and Archery Champions Tourney

Name: Wyewood Archery

8621 South
180th Kent, WA 98032


Feast will be at 5pm until 10pm, This will include our
A&S/Bardic Champions

North Hill Community Center in Des Moines

20827 3rd Ave S   Des Moines WA


A&S/Bardic will start at
setting up at 2:30pm with judging to start at

In order to enter, you must fulfill the requirements for
being a champion as outlined on the Wyewood website, and also
notify me (your friendly A&S minister) no later than July
10.  Please include with this a general description of
the entry.


Judging will be at the FCS site between 3 p.m. and 5
p.m.   Each entrant has about 15 minutes to give a
presentation on their entry, and then answer questions from
the judges.  You will be given table space to set up a
display of your item if it lends itself to that.  You
may also request a specific time to be judged, if need
be.  If you are planning to enter please contact
the autocrat or Countess Elisabeth

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