Winter’s End


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Geoffrey Fitz Henrie
Date: February 27 , 2010
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on February 27th 2010
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Oak Grove Grange Hall
2700 Oak Grove Rd. Rickreall, OR 97313


Each year our
Barony, and those who choose to call this their home, hold a
celebration of the chills of winter departing and the coming
forth of life back upon our lands.  During this time of
renewal we look upon the gifts of Arts and Sciences that have
sustained us though the short and dim days and choose the
champion that can gather their resources during the coming
light to once again sustain us when winter falls.  We
also look for one who can defend our lands with their rapier
skills as the bountiful harvest of our lands and our people
begin to arrive.

There will be a
Rapier Tournament to choose our new  Baronial Champion.
Here is the rough
guide on how the tournament will proceed. This may be altered
depending on how many choose to make challenge.

*This is a timed fight.
*All contestants will be given 3 ribbons to track their
*Contestants will obtain one ribbon from their opponent for a
win. When a contestant loses all 3 ribbons, they are done
from the tournament.
*All contestants will fight in a `bear pit’ style holding the
field until either they lose once, or obtain 3 wins.
*Starting order is established by O.P., with the lowest rank
starting first.
*Upon winning a sixth ribbon, the contestant will lose the
ability to use a dagger. Upon winning a 12th ribbon, the
contestant will lose the use of any off hand object.
*The finals will be decided by time constraints, and
contestants with the most ribbons. The final round/s will be
fought in a style that the Baroness Emma and/or Princess
Suvia chooses.

We will also be
choosing our Arts and Sciences Champion  This years
challenge is to show that you can truly stand as a Champion
of both. To compete for Champion you will need to enter both
a Science entry and an Arts entry. You are allowed to
“overlap” by writing and/or demonstrating the Science behind
the creation of your Arts entry.

***Examples are given only for ideas, you may have something
that fits a catagory that is not listed.***

Science – mathmatics, geometry, astronomy, alchemy or
explaing about the science behind a craft such as metal
smithing, gilding on objects, enamel, firing clay.
Written paper on a subject – tell us about a culture, trade
routes,goverment, religion, education or other.
Fiber Arts – any area pertaining to fibers; shearing,
spinning,felting dyeing, weaving, including tapestries that
are woven,embroidered or painted.
Costuming- the making of clothing and the many embellishments
used on clothing.
Performing Arts – Show your ability to entertain using
poetry,song, or story.
Scribal Arts – Illumination, calligraphy and making
paper,parchment, wax tablets, and books or the printers
Culinary Arts – Making and cooking period foods. This entry
may be your potluck contribution if you choose.
Decorative Object – Objects for personal adornment and
decorative uses.
Useful Object – Make a useful object from wood, metal, horn,
leather or other materials
Armor and Weapons – how they were made or the ways they were

AM     Gate Opens
10:00 AM     Sign up for Rapier Tourney
(you can compete without intending to be Champion)
11:00 AM     Opening
Court.    Contestants for the Champions shall
present themselves and declare their intent to compete to
their Excellencies.
11:30 AM     Lunch is served
12:30 PM     Arts And Sciences Champion
judging begins.
12:30 PM     Rapier Champions and
Tournament of Roses begins
 2:30  PM     Lunch ends
 3:00  PM     Armored Fighters
practice bout
 3:30  PM     Chirurgeon class for

PM     Bring your Pot-Luck dish in to be
set up for the Feast
 5:00  PM     Pot Luck feast
begins and will continue through court
 6:00  PM     Court begins
 8:00  PM     Site


Lunch will be
available on site for a minimal fee of $5 and includes a
soup, egg pie, and a dessert item.  For Dinner the
Barony will provide a main dish, you should bring a dish of
enough to serve 8.  Please include a list of ingredients
and serving utensil and your own feast gear

Site fees; Adult $10/ Youth 5-17 $5. Family cap $35.
Nonmember surcharge $3
Make checks payable to: SCA Inc.- Barony of Terra

This is a dry
site, no alcohol is allowed.


Event Steward:
Geoffrey Fitz Henrie


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