Winter’s End


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Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Robert Stallarifonnskker
Date: February 9 , 2008
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on February 9th 2008
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Oak Grove Grange Hall
2700 Oak Grove Rd. Rickreall, OR 97313

Winters End Feast and Tournaments Barony of Terra Pomaria

Feb. 9,2008 Salem, Oregon

It's been a long winter. Cold and wet as only this part of the kingdom can be.

But be of glad heart!

Their Excellencies, Sir Roland and HL Emma Von Bern, the Baron and Baroness of Terra Pomaria, invite you to a feast and tournaments!

Come watch the many fine fighters vying for the honor of being the rapier champion of Terra Pomaria!

Come see the many fine crafts and admire the skill and knowledge of those who wish to be the Arts and Science champion of this fair Barony.

Come sit, chat and catch up with those you've come to know and love. And who knows, you may meet new friends!!

and as the evening comes upon us, a feast!!

The Barony will provide the fowl and the beast(turkey & roast) and we ask all of you to bring dishes to go with them. I'm sure you all know to bring a serving utensil and a list of ingredients.

MY challenge to you all!!

Who can make me the best subtlety? (a dish that is one thing but looks like another.)

We'll let the peerage decide and, of course, prizes will be given!!

Arts & Sciences Championship Winter’s End 2008
The Arts and Sciences (A&S) Championship competition for the Barony of Terra Pomaria is coming near. All entries are encouraged to show one’s workmanship and dedication to the arts. In order to qualify for the champion’s position you must enter at least three categories. This is not an exercise to alienate those who are not expert in every area, merely a gentle nudge for the artisans of the area to expand to other areas of the arts or sciences and broaden their horizons.
For one to succeed in becoming champion, they do not need to be experts in all areas of all entries; moreover an expertise in one and at least a “working knowledge” in the other entries.
Following categories are as follows:
* Fiber Arts (sewing, weaving, shearing, dyeing, spinning, etc.) – Show your skill in any area you know regarding the useful nature of fibers. Black work, whitework, embroidery, and so much more. From beginning to end for fabrics and textiles.
* Performing arts (bardic – poetry, song, story, etc) – Show your ability to entertain others through the various forms. From writer to thespian.
* Scribal arts (calligraphy, illumination, etc.) – Show your ability to calligraph, design or illuminate documents or journals.
* Decorative object (metal, glass, ceramic, etc.) – Show your abilities in regards to jewelry, necklaces and other forms of beautifying accessories.
* Brewing (mead, beer, cordials, teas, etc.) – Show your ability to brew any form of refreshment.
* Useful object (wood, metal, leather, etc.) – Show your ability to fashion a useful object of some form and demonstrate (if necessary) its use(s).
The judging will be done by a group of volunteer individuals comprised of members of the Order of the Laurel and Jambe de Lion and scored on
the format of the Kingdom level A & S judging.

Letter's of intent to enter the competition will be accepted during Winter's End opening court.

Site will be open from 10 am to 10pm.

Site Info:
Oak Grove Grange Hall
2700 Oak Grove Rd.
Rickreall, OR 97313
Site Fee:

Adults $10.00, youths 12-5 $5.00 5 and under free. A $3.00 surcharge for nonmembers will be added. 

Event Stewart: Robert Stallarifannskker (Robert Frazier)

4393 Campbell dr. se

Salem, Or. 97317




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