Twelfth Night 2023


An in-person Crown event of Device of Kingdom of An Tir

The Kingdom of An Tir (Oregon, Washington, Northern Idaho, and British Columbia)

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Yseult of Broceliande
Date: January 13 , 2023 until January, 15 2023
Online meeting begins at: 12:00 PM on January 13th 2023
Online meeting ends at: 5:00 PM on January 15th 2023

Event site:
Valley River Inn
1000 Valler River Way Eugene, OR 97401

4 November 2022

The Wait List for rooms at An Tir 12th Night 2023 is now closed, at 145 entries.

The Event Stewards would like to thank everyone for the cooperation, understanding, and patience. We’re glad so many people plan on attending 12th Night, and are doing our best to make it a celebration to be long cherished in our memories.

26 October 2022

In conjunction with 12th Night 2023, the Barony of Adiantum has arranged a visit to view the Burgess Collection of Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts at the University of Oregon Knight Library (Eugene, Oregon) on Friday, January 13, 2:30-4 pm.

The classroom can accommodate up to 12 people, so please sign up so that we know how many to expect. We will be arranging carpooling from the 12th Night hotel (Valley River Inn) to the UO as campus parking is limited.

To reserve a spot, please email the event, gro.ritna@3202thginht21  and put “UO Mss” in the subject line. Give us you SCA and modern names, email, phone number, and the best way to contact you.

Magistra Raven Qara ton, who has helped to catalog the collection, will select a range of manuscripts to view, but if you would like to request a specific manuscript, please message her on Facebook at Erika Milo.

This is the same venue that we visited at 12th Night 2015 and 2020, but there will be a different selection of manuscripts for your viewing pleasure.

You can read about the Burgess Collection here:

And this is the on line catalog. If you see a manuscript you would like to view, let Magistra Raven know:

Please share — or copy, paste, and repost — this information widely, especially with scribal and A&S groups! (Be aware, the email for 12th Night will scramble, and need to be typed in to your post. A phishing / bot harvesting protection is in place.)


18 October 2022

TL;DR – Wait List Place e-mails going out this week – E-mail Stewards to withdraw a Wait List request – As You Love An Tir, if you would like TO  TRANSFER or RELEASE a currently held VRI RESERVATION please E-MAIL Co-Steward Mistress Yseult of Broceliande at moc.namtihwbob@map

Greetings unto the Populace of An Tir from the Event Stewards of 12th Night 2023.

We now have a database of all those who have and are requesting a place on the wait list for a room at the event hotel. We will use this list to place people in rooms as they are released to general reservation.

Those who requested a place before 12 September 2023 have had their place on the wait list chosen by using .

Everyone who has requested a place on the wait list will receive an email in late October letting them know their place on the wait list. (Specific date will be announced soon, in as many places as possible, but absolutely on the Kingdom calendar event web page. Information about the event will always be posted there first.)

If you have found a place and no longer need to be on the wait list, please email us at gro.ritna@3202thginht21. Put “Please Withdraw My Request” in the subject line, and include your modern name, and your SCA name.

Remember, if you have a room reserved at the Event hotel that you would like to cancel / release, please contact Dame Yseult of Broceliande (PamPerryman).at moc.namtihwbob@map . If you cancel through the hotel, or the website or international reservation phone number, the event will lose the room.

Historically, we have found that cancellations don’t usually occur until December, with a peak just before the event as illness, weather, or family emergencies take their toll. This year, we anticipate earlier cancellations, as people release rooms to the Stewards. We’ll keep you posted on how this is progressing, on the calendar web page, and on Facebook, and the unofficial An Tir Discord Server, on the event channel.

If you know someone who wants to transfer their room reservation directly to you, PLEASE go through us to facilitate the transfer so that the event keeps the room, and the room is charged at the discounted event rate.

Have the people transferring their reservation to you email us their name and reservation number for the room and your name and phone number as the people taking over the reservation. We will contact the hotel and make sure that they make the change correctly, and confirm that change with you.

If you are on the wait list, please make a reservation at another hotel that you can cancel should you get a room at Valley River Inn. The hotel closest to VRI is the La Quinta, 155 Day Island Rd. Eugene.  We tried to get a group rate there, but they were unwilling to do that. Other physically close hotels include EVEN Hotel Eugene, Residence Inn Marriott Eugene, Hyatt Place Eugene.

There is a cluster of hotels right off of I-5 at Beltline, which, while not as close physically, is an easy drive on major roads and offers a variety of price points, from GuestHouse Eugene to Hilton Garden Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Motel 6 Springfield, etc.

Other clusters of hotels are on West 6th Ave. in Eugene and by the University of Oregon campus on Franklin Blvd. There are also lots of AirBnBs in Eugene – rent a house with a group of friends!

While we realize that everyone wants to be lodged in the event hotel, the trade off with this smaller site is that we can create an immersive and secure experience unavailable to us in a large convention hotel. We also get unlimited free parking, a custom menu, staff in garb, and the ability to bring in our own AV equipment for free, and more! And when you’re partaking of the Period menus offered in the restaurant, the televisions will be playing the An Tir YouTube channel!

Again, we thank An Tir for its support, understanding, and kindness. We are doing everything in our power to make an event for you that will more than make up for this unfortunate error.


Updated 16 October 2022

TL;DR — After Court and Dinner on Saturday, there will be a Commedia dell’ Arte performance by i’Falsari, followed by an Italian Ball with Live Music — Tablescape Decorating Contest — make a reservation for a group table for Saturday — plenty of room and tables for everyone, this is purely a convenience.


Italian Renaissance Ball at 12th Night 2023

Hosted by the An Tir Minister of Arts & Sciences, Dagrun Stjarna

Performance by the Commedia dell ‘Arte troupe, i’Falsari

Period dancing throughout the evening.

Live music!

For the Italian Renaissance Ball on Saturday evening at 12th Night 2023, the Great Hall of the palazzo will be decorated, and round tables will be scattered around the edges of the dance floor. Come dance, mingle, see and be seen! (The hotel will provide a cash bar in the adjacent lobby.)

Enter the Table Decorating Contest!

Design an Italian Renaissance table decoration to enhance the ambiance of the Ball! Win a set of antique Venetian glass goblets with sterling silver trim and the applause of the Kingdom!

Install your Renaissance table top decoration as the Ball opens. The tables are 60” in diameter and seat 8. The hotel will provide a black tablecloth which you can use or remove. The hotel doesn’t allow us to bring food into the hotel to feed people, but food decoration, like sugar sculptures or still lifes, are okay!

Our judges will circulate during the early part of the evening and announce the winner and present the prize part way through the Ball. Light documentation is encouraged – a painting or passage of writing that inspired you, perhaps?

You and your party should reserve a table for 8 if you are entering the tablescape contest or if you want a place for your group, but there will be tables aplenty and space for everyone to relax and enjoy the evening.

To reserve a table (or ask a question), email gro.ritna@3202thginht21 with Tablescape in the subject line. Include your SCA and modern names and whether you are entering the contest or just reserving a table with friends.

Hotel rules: No live flame and no serving of food not provided by the hotel. We will place name cards on the reserved tables. Set up of the contest entries will be just after dinner and before the Ball starts. During the dinner hour the hotel staff need to reset the room from Court seating to Ball mode.

When is the dinner hour? We don’t know yet. The schedule for 12th Night comes together in late December, and is subject to change on the day. We will do our best to keep everyone aware of any changes in schedule during the event.

Updated 8 September 2022

This link will take you to this announcement:


The 12th Night Hotel released rooms prematurely and as such the room allocation is now full.  I would like everyone to know, that this is not the fault of the event team and solely lies on the hotel.  The event staff appreciates the kind consideration it has so far received regarding this error.  Anyone found to be abusing the event team in light of this mistake by the hotel will be subject to the normal sanction process.  We ask that everyone continue to treat the 12th Night team with the same respect you would treat the Crown.

The event team worked very hard to make the room allocation fair as can be.

How to get on the Wait list for an event hotel room:

Email it to gro.ritna@3202thginht21

Put 12th Night Wait List in the subject line

Include the following in the body of the email:

Modern name

SCA name

Contact phone number (please indicate if call or text is preferred)


Because of the hotel error, the original plan of using the time sent as the order of the wait list is no longer fair. All of the emails received will be assigned a number, and those numbers will be put into a randomizer to determine the order of the wait list.

This randomizer list will be generated in mid-October, date TBA. Any requests received after the generated list, will be ordered by time stamp. We expect rooms to be released to the wait list in November and December. (In 2020, all people on the wait list received an event hotel room.)

If you wish to release a room back into the booking pool, you MUST email the event team and request the cancellation. If you use the hotel website, or call the hotel, the room you cancel will go out into the international system, and 12th Night will lose the room. You have until 4 January 2022 to cancel without any charges.

Again, the event email is gro.ritna@3202thginht21


Attia Prima, OP
Kingdom Seneschal, An Tir

Useful Information:
If you wish to make a reservation at another hotel, La Quinta Inns & Suites, 155 Day Island Road, Eugene, OR 97401, 541-344-8335, is the affordable hotel most convenient to Valley River Inn.

There is also a cluster of motels on W. 6th Ave., just across the river from the event site; these are probably the least expensive options. There is also a large cluster of hotels at I-5 and Beltline near the Gateway shopping area.

Please do get on the Wait List for the event hotel. Rooms will come available later in the year, starting in November. It’s not a Forlorn Hope! To clarify, the Wait List requests received from 8 Septemberthrough 11 September 2022, will have their spot on the wait list generated by the randomizer. From 12 September 2022 onward, the time and date sent stamp will determine list placement.

Updated: 30 August 2022

You already have a room reservation if you are in the following roles:
The Crown, the Heirs, the Principality Coronets,  a Great Officer of State, a Kingdom Champion, a Merchant who has submitted their reservation request on their merchant form, mailed the form to the Steward, and has paid their fees.

Please email gro.ritna@3202thginht21if you have any questions about this, or anything else.


This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Royal Presence - King
Royal Presence - Queen
Royal Presence - Heirs
Royal Presence - Summits
Royal Presence - Tir Righ
Is conducted online
Is an online meeting
Accepts PayPal
Has Merchants
Has an Heraldic consultation table
Has Heavy Fighting activities
Has Bardic activities
Has Arts & Sciences activities
Offers enhanced accessibility (check for details)

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Registration Information

Updated 17 April 2022

There is no SCA pre-registration for this event. It’s a sign-in at the gate process.

Room reservations for 12th Night will open on Thursday 8 September 2022,  the week after September Crown and four months _before_ 12th Night 2023.

Yes, this is a different approach than in the past. We’ve already reserved the entire hotel for the event. There is no outside competition for rooms. You have the same opportunity to book a room at the event hotel in September as you would have had in February.

Available rooms will be two queen beds or one king bed. A river view room is $139  + tax per night. A non-river-view room is $119 + tax per night. We have set aside all of the suites for royalty and vigils.

Because the entire hotel is reserved for the SCA, cancellations are more of a problem than hotel access at this site. Because reservations are taken by a national number and service, rather than the individual hotel, if rooms are cancelled “normally”, or through that national phone line, we will lose that room for the SCA block.

If you reserve a room, or rooms, and need to cancel your reservation, you must contact the Steward, not the hotel or the national reservation number.

By opening the reservations after September Crown, and having four months, rather than a year between reservations and the event, it will be easier to protect the SCA block of rooms from changes of plans.

The concern that you might not get a room, and then only have four months to book a room in an alternative hotel, is legitimate but not dire. 12th Night 2023 is just shy of two weeks after New Year’s Eve / Day, well out of the holiday booking period. Typically, the hospitality industry experiences a lull at this time of year.

But, if you would like to explore making a reservation now, in case you aren’t able to secure a room at the event hotel in September, there is information on other hotels in the area included in this post. We don’t have an arrangement with these hotels; this is provided as information only.

If you have any questions, please email the Stewards at gro.ritna@3202thginht21.

We’ll be looking at comments and questions on the Facebook Event Invitation Discussion tab, but the Calendar web page will always have the most up to date information (, and emailing the Stewards is the best way to contact them.

If you wish to make a reservation at another hotel, La Quinta Inns & Suites, 155 Day Island Road, Eugene, OR 97401, 541-344-8335, is the affordable hotel most convenient to Valley River Inn. There is also a cluster of motels on W. 6th Ave., just across the river from the event site; these are probably the least expensive options. There is also a large cluster of hotels at I-5 and Beltline near the Gateway shopping area.

Site Fees

Gate Fee – adults $30.00*
under 18 free
*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost listed above.

Merchant Information

Merchants Wanted for An Tir 12th Night 2023!

Everyone participating at An Tir 12th Night 2023 as a merchant must sell SCA appropriate wares. This means that what you sell needs to either be historically based or for SCA specific pursuits, like armor or rattan. Anything that could be considered plausibly pre-17th Century period or “peri-oid” is great. Avoid blatantly modern wares and anything better suited to a science-fiction/fantasy/goth venue.

As always, please keep your display tasteful and minor-friendly. (If you have any questions about whether your merchandise is appropriate, the Stewards are happy to assist you. Just email them at gro.ritna@3202thginht21.)

Registration is limited to 27 8×8 foot spaces, so please register early!

Merchanting Hours are:

Friday January the 13th: 3pm – 8pm

Saturday January the 14th: 9am – 8pm

Sunday January the 15th: 9am – Noon

Merchants and their designated assistant(s) must make a reasonable attempt at pre-17th Century dress (modern clothing may be worn for load-in and load-out). Given that this is an indoor event, no fire of any sort will be permitted. No food or beverage vending at the event. The merchant area will be very near meeting rooms which will be in use throughout the event, so we ask that everyone remain courteous with the volume of your entertainments.

The Valley River Inn has graciously allowed us permission to set up on site starting at noon Friday. At the end of the event, we must have all merchant booths broken down and removed by 3 pm Sunday.

Merchants are juried. One merchant fee pays for one 8×8’ merchant space (including one 8’ table and 1 or 2 chairs), and your (one) site fee. Please make sure all personal registrations for everyone entering early with you Friday are taken care of before you arrive. We don’t want anyone to be inconvenienced on the event’s opening day, but we may not be able to admit unregistered people to the hotel until Gate opens.

Please see that anyone under the age of 18 in your group is accompanied to the event by their parent or legal guardian and that they have all their waivers and forms with them on arrival.

Merchant Fee: $60.00 per space (includes one 8×8’ space, 1 8’ table, 1-2 chairs, & one adult member reg fee), limit 2 spaces. (You can decline the table, but it doesn’t change the merchant fee).

To request a Merchant Registration Packet, please email the Stewards at

gro.ritna@3202thgiNht21. Please put “Merchant Application” in the subject line.

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