Twelfth Night 2023


An in-person Crown event of Device of Kingdom of An Tir

The Kingdom of An Tir (Oregon, Washington, Northern Idaho, and British Columbia)

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Yseult of Broceliande
Date: January 13 , 2023 until January, 15 2023
Online meeting begins at: 12:00 PM on January 13th 2023
Online meeting ends at: 5:00 PM on January 15th 2023

Event site:
Valley River Inn
1000 Valler River Way Eugene, OR 97401

13 January 2023

This will apply to the Sunday morning post-Curia fighter practice at 12th Night.



Effective immediately all reduced armor experiments for both rapier and cut an thrust are suspended. This is happening to all Kingdoms and not just An Tir.


We’re hoping to have more information soon but wanted to get this out there as soon as we heard as this will be enforced for this weekends practice. Please help us by spreading the word.


Piaras, An Tir Reduced Armor Experiment Coordinator

(Daniel Tharp)


13 January 2023

An hour to go to gate opening!

TL;DR Links for Court Live Streams at An Tir 12th Night 2023

Saturday January 14th, for Facebook Live and and YouTube

The livestreams begin at these times, as a technical necessity. The Courts themselves, as you might deduce from looking at the event schedule, may have a more fluid schedule. The livestream team will update as the day unfolds, and so will 12th Night on Facebook and Discord.

(The uploaded recording links will be provided when they are available.)

12th Night 2023 – Final Court of TRM Octamasades & Achaxe

This stream will include the final court of Their Royal Majesties Octamasades and Achaxe at 12th Night in the Barony of Adiantum (Eugene, Oregon).

Streaming begins at 9 AM PST on Saturday, January 14th. (Elevations court.)

This stream will include the coronation and first court of Their Royal Highnesses Athanasios and Alianora at 12th Night in the Barony of Adiantum (Eugene, Oregon).

Streaming begins at 2:30 PM PST on Saturday, January 14th.

YouTube, Kingdom of AnTir, SCA

12th Night 2023 – Final Court of TRM Octamasades & Achaxe

Streaming begins at 9 AM PST on Saturday, January 14th 2023. (Elevations court.)

Streaming begins at 9 AM PST on Saturday, January 14th 2023. (Elevations court.)

Streaming begins at 9 AM PST on Saturday, January 14th 2023. (Elevations court.)

12th Night 2023 – Coronation and First Court of TRH Athanasios and Alianora at 12th Night in the Barony of Adiantum (Eugene, Oregon).

Streaming begins at 2:30 PM PST on Saturday, January 14th 2023.

12 January 2023
An Tir 12th Night opens at 3 PM Pacific Standard Time!
Here are links to clearly named files that contain the most up to date information on An Tir 12th Night 2023. They are provided in a Word Doc format, and in a PDF format. The PDFs have the full text of the information in the file as the post attached to the file. The link to the files page in general is: most recent date of posting is the most accurate information.)

Comprehensive Travel Info:

This includes written directions to the event site, which are also posted below.

Comprehensive Hotel Food Information

The Gate Handout

This is the most accurate schedule available until the event starts. It’s also on the files page linked above. There’s a Word Document as well, if there are issues with the PDF. The page layout is for legal size paper.

10 January 2023

The 12th Night hotel, Valley River Inn, is now in charge of any room changes you might need to make.
The group rates for hotel rooms no longer apply.
Call the hotel at (541) 743-1000 or 1-800-543-8266 to cancel or transfer a room, or add someone’s name to your existing room reservation.
There may be room cancellations later this week. You can always call the hotel and check on whether they have a room available for our weekend at the hotel’s normal rates.

14 December 2023

Citizens and Friends of An Tir, Pray Heed!

Their August Majesties

King Octamasades Skuthikos and Queen Achaxe Ex Auchatae,

Invite you to Witness and Celebrate

the Coronation of Their Noble Heirs,

Crown Prince Athanasios Belisarios and Crown Princess Alianora Greymoor

on the 13th day of January in the Common year of 2023,

to be held in the Barony of Adiantum.

 TENTATIVE Schedule for 12th Night 2023 as of December 14, 2022

This schedule is still in the planning stages and is subject to change.

Court and Curia times are firm. Things here will probably not be removed from the schedule, but we expect that a few more things may be added or locations changed.


3 p.m., Gate Opens

Roving Court in the evening, many vigils (Vigil times are being decided now, and will be added.)

A&S displays main lobby & mezzanine, late afternoon through evening

3 – 8 p.m., Merchant Hall open

4:30 – 6 p.m., Dance lessons for the Grand Fete on Saturday, Willamette Ballroom Lobby

5 p.m. – all night, labyrinth for quiet contemplation, Rogue Room,

5 – 6 p.m., Voices of Color live interview with Baron Yusef. (Watch it live.) Umpqua Room

5 – 7:30 p.m., Spinners, Legends area

5 – 6:30 p.m., Class on the Culture of Roman Baths, Baths area

5:30 – 7 p.m., St. Distaff’s Day Spinning, Legends Area

7 – 8 p.m., Second sessions of Dance lessons for the Grand Fete, Willamette Ballroom Lobby

7 — 8, p.m., Voices of Color social time, Fireplace area in the bar

8 – 10 p.m., Bardic Circle, Main lobby fireplace area

8 – 9 pm, Ex-Pats and Newcomers Gathering, Legends area



A&S Displays, Main Lobby & Mezzanine, all day

8 a.m., Heralds, Siuslaw Room

8:30 a.m., Silent Heralds, Siuslaw Room

8 – 9 a.m., items accepted for Peer Silent Auction, Willamette Ballroom lobby

9 a.m. – 8 p.m., Merchant Hall Open

9 a.m.– 5 p.m., Silent Auction, Willamette Ballroom Lobby

9:30 a.m. — 5 p.m., Consulting Heralds, Willamette Ballroom Lobby

9 – NoonRoyal Court, Willamette Ballroom

12 – 1:30 p.m., Lunch

1 – 1:30 p.m., Order of the Grey Goose Shaft, come and ‘meet a goose’ (archery), Legends Area

1 – 1:30 p.m., An Tir Gardeners meeting, Siuslaw Room,

1:30 — 2:30 p.m., Last Court of Octamasades and Achaxe, Willamette Ballroom

2:30 – 3:30 p.m., Coronation Court of Athanasios and Alianora, Willamette Ballroom

3:30 – 4:30 p.m., First Court of Athanasios and Alianora, Willamette Ballroom


Everyone’s possessions need to be out of the Ballroom after court so the room can be re-set for the Grand Fete


5 p.m. – All Night, Labyrinth open for quiet contemplation, Rogue Room

5 – 6 p.m., Chatelaine meeting, Umpqua Room,

5 – 6 p.m., Marshals’ meeting, Columbia South

5 – 6 p.m., St. Distaff’s Day Spinning, Legends Area

5:30 – 7:30 p.m., Silent Auction item pick-up, Willamette Ballroom Lobby

6 – 7 p.m., Marshals’ Rapier Spear Experience, Columbia South

6 – 8 p.m., Dinner at Sweet Waters Restaurant, Renaissance Menu

7:30 — 8 p.m., Order of the Grey Goose Shaft, Umpqua Room

8 – 8:30 p.m., – Willamette Ballroom opens for Tablescape Contest set-up

8 pm (approximately) The Grand Fete in the Italian Style, hosted at the Italian Villa of Their Graces Styrkarr and Stjarna, featuring a Grand Processional and a Commedia del Arte performance by I’Falsari. Live music! (Goes until 10 or 11 PM)



A&S displays main lobby & mezzanine all morning

8:30 – 10:00 a.m., Curia, Willamette Ballroom

9 a.m. – Noon, Merchant Hall open

10 – 11 a.m., Lute Class, Siuslaw Room

10:00 a.m. – Noon, Embellishers’ Guild meeting, Umpqua Room

10- a.m – Noon, Fight Practice, Columbia Ballroom

Noon – event officially ends. Volunteers for pack out will be gratefully receieved!

You can also keep tabs on the event and connect with the Stewards on Facebook at An Tir 12th Night 2023 Info, a public group. You don’t need to be a member of Facebook or of the group to access it. Please check the Files section, as there is a pretty good FAQ collection there that can save a lot of scrolling!

As always, you can email us at It’s checked at least twice a day!

Please continue to scroll down for more detail on the scheduled activities.


This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Royal Presence - King
Royal Presence - Queen
Royal Presence - Heirs
Royal Presence - Summits
Royal Presence - Tir Righ
Is conducted online
Is an online meeting
Accepts PayPal
Has Merchants
Has Classes
Has an Heraldic consultation table
Has Heavy Fighting activities
Has Archery activities
Has Bardic activities
Has Arts & Sciences activities
Offers a feast or meal

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Registration Information

Updated 17 April 2022

There is no SCA pre-registration for this event. It’s a sign-in at the gate process. We’ll have a PayPal  card reader at the gate.


This event is being live streamed, and participants may appear on camera. Court camera sight lines will be marked and any staff member with a livestream team name tag will be able to identify camera and microphone locations and answer questions about production.


Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to try to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events.

By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks. You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.


The SCA prohibits harassment and bullying of all individuals and groups.

Harassment and bullying includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Offensive or lewd verbal comments directed to an individual;
  • The display of explicit images (drawn or photographic) depicting an individual in an inappropriate manner;
  • Photographing or recording individuals inappropriately to abuse or harass the individual;
  • Inappropriate physical contact; unwelcome sexual attention; or retaliation for reporting harassment and/or bullying.

Participants violating these rules are subject to appropriate sanctions. If an individual feels subjected to harassment, bullying or retaliation, they should contact a Seneschal, President of the SCA, or the Kingdom’s Board Ombudsman. If a participant of the SCA becomes aware that someone is being harassed or bullied, they have responsibility pursuant to the SCA Code of Conduct to come forward and report this behavior to a Seneschal, President of the SCA or the Kingdom’s Board Ombudsman.


Accessibility Information

Directions to the Event Site:

Directions to 12th Night: From I-5 North or South, take exit 194B, Highway I-105 West for 5 miles to Exit 1, Delta Highway / Valley River Center / Airport. Go north on Delta Highway and take the first exit, Valley River Center. Curl to the right up over Delta Highway, following signs for Valley River Center. At the stoplight, turn left (south) onto Valley River Way. The Inn is at the end of the street.

If you would like to stop by a food store on your way to the event, use these directions:

From I-5 North or South, take exit 195, onto Randy Papé Beltline, OR-569 West, for 2.5 miles to the exit for Delta Highway / Valley River Center / Airport. Go north on Delta Highway and take the first right onto Green Acres Rd. Go .2 miles and you will see the Market of Choice grocery store (1060 Green Acres Road) and parking lot on your right.


From there, to get to the event hotel, retrace your route – go west/left on Green Acres Road to Delta Highway. Turn left / south onto Delta Hwy. and take it south for 1.5 miles. Take the exit for Valley River Center. Go straight at the traffic light onto Valley River Way and follow it past the shopping center. The event hotel, Valley River Inn, will be ahead on your left, 1000 Valley River Way.


From the hotel, if you need to purchase food at a grocery store:

Go north from the hotel on Valley River Way to the stop light. Turn right over the bridge over Delta Highway. Turn left on the other side of the bridge onto Willagilespie Rd., and then take the next left, the entry to Delta Highway north. Go north on Delta Highway for 1.8 miles, crossing over Beltline Hwy. Turn right at the next traffic light onto Green Acres Rd. Go .2 miles and you will see the Market of Choice grocery store (1060 Green Acres Road) and parking lot on your right.


From there, to get back to the event hotel, retrace your route – go west/left on Green Acres Road to Delta Highway. Turn left / south onto Delta Hwy. and take it south for 1.5 miles. Take the exit for Valley River Center. Go straight at the traffic light onto Valley River Way and follow it past the shopping center. The event hotel, Valley River Inn, will be ahead on your left, 1000 Valley River Way.



If you need a quiet refuge from the hurly burly of the event, room 321-3, the Concierge Lounge, is our Quiet Room. There will be a Quiet Room sign on the door. It is set up as a lounge. Feel free to spend some time there as needed

Another quiet place is the Labyrinth, in the Rogue Room around the corner from the Merchant Hall on the second floor of the lobby area. It opens around 5 p.m. and is available throughout the evening and night.


Site Fees

Gate Fee – adults $30.00*
under 18 free
*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost listed above.

Meal Information

The hotel restaurant is SweetWaters on the River. They will be serving their regular menu, as well as a Renaissance Plated Dinner on Saturday.

The Plated Dinner will be the quicker option for being served. You will also be able to order it as a “to go” option. This is especially useful if you would like to eat dinner while watching the Commedia dell’arte performance. The hotel requires us to only consume hotel food in drink in public areas, please respect this requirement.

 Renaissance Plated Dinner


Gathered Greens

Pomegranate Vinaigrette on the side

Entrée (choose one)

  • Half a Roasted Hen w/Herb Jus
  • Roasted Salmon
  • Portobello Mushroom Ravioli with Garlic Cream Sauce and Dried Pistachio and Figs


Bean Ragout

Roasted Winter Squash

Warm Rustic Bread

Dessert (choose one)

  • Bread Pudding
  • Marion Berry Cheesecake

$32 per person

Cocktails using SCA Period ingredients!

Land Raid:

Bushmills Irish Whiskey

Honey Simple Syrup

Lemon Juice

Splash of Orange Juice


Plundered Peach:

Linnie Aquavit

Peach Puree

Peach Bitters

(Mulled wine availability is currently being mulled over.)

On Saturday, a grab and go breakfast and lunch selection will be available in or near the Willamette Ballroom Lobby. Menu and prices will be available in January, and will be posted. (Updated December 21, 2022.)

Tournament Information


Things that require action BEFORE the event!

Arts & Sciences Displays

Master Hrodnavar will be coordinating artisan displays, so if you want to take advantage of this opportunity to see and be seen, contact him (on FaceBook: Steve Alter) or email the event at with Artisan Displays in the subject line.

  1. We have space for performers/bards as well as artisans and scientists. If you want to do a performance art of any type we can arrange a schedule so that everyone will have their time in the spotlight.
  2. For all displayers and performers, we can also organize time for you to talk to the public about your art. These can be informal chat/geek sessions, demonstrations, and/or classes. We will have a schedule so that people know when to find you at your display, and so we don’t have multiple people talking over each other.
  3. Let us know if you have special needs, either for accessibility or for utilities (like an electrical outlet).
  4. We will provide tables. You cover or decorate them as you choose. You can also bring your own infrastructure…whatever you need to display your art.


The An Tir Peers’ Silent Auction at 12th Night

12th Night approaches and with it our An Tir Peers Auction.

UPDATE: The Deadline to contribute to the auction is now January 11th 2023.

Started in 2001 by the Knights of An Tir, the Kingdom of An Tir, through this auction alone, has raised
over $42,000 to donate to various Charities. (

This year, Their Most Noble Majesties Octamasades and Achaxe have determined that we should
work toward erasing hate and so have selected The Matthew Shepard Foundation. The Mathew
Shepard Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (tax ID 31-1640047) dedicated to inspire
individuals, organizations, and communities to embrace the dignity and equality of all people.

We hope that you will consider a donation of your time and skills for a worthy cause and help us
uphold this commendable tradition of giving from our great Kingdom.

All donations must be sponsored by a Peer. Royal Peers, Knights, Masters of Arms, Laurels,
Pelicans, and Members of the Order of Defense are all encouraged to sponsor a populace member’s
donation or to donate themselves.

Please use the following format when submitting your donations.

Minimum Bid:
Approximate Value:

Please contact Shaykha Zahra bint al-Rammah at zahrabintalrammah(at)gmail(dot)com with
your donation information. Forms with your information will be printed up and provided on the day
of the auction.

At the request of the auction staff: Items should be pre-registered for the auction by Friday
January 11th, 2023, so the staff will have time to pre-print item descriptions. Supplied photos of
completed or similar objects will be printed on the forms to aid in displaying items as well as being
posted in advance so people can plan their auction budgets!

Any unsold items will be donated to the Kingdom largess.

U of O manuscript library field trip.
In conjunction with 12th Night 2023, the Barony of Adiantum has arranged a visit to view the Burgess Collection of Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts at the University of Oregon Knight Library (Eugene, Oregon) on Friday, January 13, 2:30-4 pm.

The classroom can accommodate up to 12 people, so please sign up so that we know how many to expect. We will be arranging carpooling from the 12th Night hotel (Valley River Inn) to the UO as campus parking is limited.

To reserve a spot, please email the event, and put “UO Mss” in the subject line. Give us you SCA and modern names, email, phone number, and the best way to contact you.
Magistra Raven Qara ton, who has helped to catalog the collection, will select a range of manuscripts to view, but if you would like to request a specific manuscript, please message her on Facebook at Erika Milo.

This is the same venue that we visited at 12th Night 2015 and 2020, but there will be a different selection of manuscripts for your viewing pleasure.

You can read about the Burgess Collection here:

And this is the on line catalog. If you see a manuscript you would like to view, let Magistra Raven know:
Enter the Table Decorating Contest at 12th Night!
Design an Italian Renaissance table decoration to enhance the ambiance of the Italian Ball!
Win a set of antique Venetian glass goblets with sterling silver trim and the applause of the Kingdom! 
Install your Renaissance table top decoration just before the Ball opens. The tables are 60” in diameter and seat 8. The hotel will provide a black tablecloth which you can use or remove. The hotel doesn’t allow us to bring food into the hotel to feed people, but food decoration, like sugar sculptures or a still life, are okay!
Our judges will circulate during the early part of the evening and announce the winner and present the prize part way through the Ball. Light documentation is encouraged – a painting or passage of writing that inspired you, perhaps?
You and your party should reserve a table if you are entering the Tablescape Contest OR if you want a place for your group to sit together.
A table seats 8, and you can reserve more than one table. There will be tables aplenty and space for everyone to relax and enjoy the evening, which is currently scheduled to kick off circa 8 PM.
To reserve a table  or to enter the Table Decoration Contest, email with Tablescape in the subject line.  Include your SCA and modern names and whether you are entering the contest or just reserving a table with friends, or are doing both.
Hotel rules: No live flame and no serving of food not provided by the hotel.
We will place name cards on the reserved tables. Set up of the contest entries will be just after dinner (dinner buffet begins at 6 PM) and before the Commedia dell’ Arte performance starts (currently scheduled to begin soon after 8 PM). During the dinner hours (6 to 8 PM) the hotel staff need to reset the room from Court seating to Ball mode.
While you can’t bring your own food to your table at the ball, you will be able to bring food purchased from the hotel. The dinner buffet will have To Go containers available, and you can bring that with you to the Ballroom (which will be closed until 8 PM to reset the room).

Things To Do AT 12th Night!

You are cordially invited to the Grand Fete of Their Graces Styrkarr and Stjarna,

To be held at their Italian Villa* at An Tir 12th Night 2023!

A Commedia dell’arte performance by i’Falsari will open the celebration on Saturday evening, leading into a Grand Ball featuring live music by superb musicians!

The Ball will have three Sets, beginning with a Grand Procession of The Queen’s Alman, The Earl of Essex Measure, and The Old Alman.** All are welcome to dance in these processionals, and they will each be led by a specific group.

1st The Queen’s Alman will honor all present and past Royalty.

2nd The Earl of Essex Measure will honor the Peers.

3rd The Old Alman will honor The Baronage Landed and Court.

Set One:                                               Set Two:                                  Set Three:

Queen’s Alman                         Ballo del Fiore                          Party!

Earl of Essex Measure             Contapasso in Due                   The Bard in the Box will be

Ould Alman                              Villanella                                   playing to encourage the

Official Branle                          Rostiboli Gioioso                     musicians to get out on the

Sellenger’s Round                   Petit Riens                                 dance floor!

Gathering Peascods                Petit Rose

Rawty                                         Anello

Ly Ben’s Dystonis                     Gelosia

Scotch Cap


Ould Alman

Doubles processing LRLR (leg lifts at the end of an alman step) we will be walking this step.

Face partner joining hands: circling clockwise with Single, Single,Double

Circling Counter-clockwise with S, S, D

Earl of Essex Measure.

(I will ask that everyone starts on the left foot.)

Double forward, Single back 4x

Chorus: Single to the side L & R

Double forward, Double back.

Queen’s Alman

Alman step processes (lift the leg at the end, we will be walking)

4 Doubles forward LRLR

Chorus: Left Double forward, Double back, set and turn L (step left, Step right, Double in a circle over your left shoulder)

Right Double forward, double back, set and turn (step RL Double over Right shoulder)

On Friday, January 13th, Maestra Sara de Bonneville will be offering in-person dance lessons from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m., and again from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m., in the lobby of the Willamette Ballroom.

There is a PDF file of the Grand Fete information at:

You can also email the event at to request a PDF or other file format of this information. (Copying and pasting the emails and links will result in garbling. The links do work if selected from the calendar page.)


* The Willamette Ballroom

** Her Grace has chosen to walk all steps. By doing this she is hoping that everyone can participate. Her Grace has provided instructions and  links to YouTube videos of the Grand Processionals. (If you copy these URLs from the calendar page, they will come out garbled when you paste. Please follow the link, and copy from there if needed.)

Adiantum’s Little Free Library will be at 12th Night.

Take a book or leave a book. Little Free Libraries are a way to share books you no longer want to
own but think someone else might want. Fiction or non-fiction, SCA appropriate — in decent condition
and not musty, please!

Look for the library in the main lobby of the hotel, most likely opposite the hotel’s main desk.

To learn more about Little Free Libraries, see their website:

The Labyrinth at 12th Night

The labyrinth will be available for walking on Friday and Saturday evenings in the Rogue
room overlooking the river.
If you would like to reserve it for a half hour to an hour, especially for a vigil, please
contact Mistress Yseult at

The labyrinth, almost 24 feet in diameter, is essentially the center five circuits of the
great Chartres labyrinth, which is just over 42’ in diameter. The Chartres labyrinth was laid
on the floor of the cathedral nave c1200-1220 AD.
A mirror image of this smaller pattern was laid on the floor of the north porch of the Church of Notre Dame in Guingamp, Brittany, France, about 1850.
As you walk this pattern, you can use it as a religious meditation, as it was used in the
Middle Ages. Or you can look outward at the river, another metaphor for our life, or inward
at your own life and the patterns it has made. Or you can simply walk the pattern and see
where it takes you.
No Food, No Drink, No Shoes, please.
The labyrinth was drawn and painted by Yseult of Broceliande with the help of Marian
Staarveld. For information on how to draw this labyrinth pattern, visit

Youth and Family Activities

Ask at the Gate/Information table in the main lobby for “Getting Lost in the Decorations”, a scavenger hunt type activity based on the figures in the faux stained glass windows. Fun for everyone, not just kids!

Volunteer Information

We will need a few strong people to move the thrones of An Tir from the Willamette Ballroom to the Columbia Ballroom after the Fete on Saturday evening. Show up where the thrones are if you can help.

Merchant Information

Merchants at 12th Night 2023

There’s a lot going on at 12th Night, and many attendees are very busy. If that’s you, consider giving the merchants who have an online presence a pre-event browse. (Not all merchants provided us with internet storefronts.)

It’s up to the individual merchant, but if there’s something you must have (and there will be), consider pre-purchase and 12th Night pick up! (Contact the merchant directly to see if this can be arranged.)


The Merchants’ Hall is located on the Mezzanine, at the top of the stairs in the main lobby (there’s also an elevator – just ask where).


The merchants will be selling their wares on Friday from 3 – 8 pm, Saturday from 9 am to 8 pm, and Sunday morning from 9 to noon.

The Bird & Bench – functional pottery wares, period style jewelry, folding wooden benches, Please see and for examples of our wares.

Bronzehammer – Viking Era and other early period hand-cast bronze and silver jewelry and hand stitched leather goods.


Child of Fortune – Personally made period clothing for men and women of larger size, larger iron penannular cloak pins, belt pouches, stone necklaces, blowing and drinking horns, elegant trim remnants for period clothing, personal accessories for the well-prepared lord and lady. Profits are used to help homeless community college students.


Drifa’s Trim Box – Handwoven Viking Age wares, trims, shawls, leg wraps, hats.


Grouchy Mongol Armory – Knives, kitchen implements, blades from recycled/reputposed materials. Blacksmith items, including flagpole holders, tent stakes, hair, pins. Armor bits for heavy fighting: mostly leather, some aluminum, steel. PlasticSmith Armory cup hilts, plain with mounting brackets and decorative bands. Possibly rattan. Byzantine style wire-beaded jewelry.


Pastiche – Books, fabric, trims, sundries, and cool stuff.


Reannag Teine – Historically inspired functional pottery.


Red Troll Forge – blacksmith / bladesmith. Ironwork and blades.


Redwolf Ltd. – Brooches, clasps, pewter castings, pins, belts.


The Sable Hare – Handmade wood flowers, wooden dice trays, and charcuterie boards. Break-down wood camp furniture, wood scribal boxes, candles in tins with wood wicks. Flowers can be pre-ordered in any color to match your heraldry. Website is ; we’re on Facebook, Instagram and etsy, but SCA pre-orders are best via email to or text to 503-569-3876.


Tabby’s Hats – handmade, period appropriate hats. Also hat pins, furs, veils, coifs, pins, feathers, etc.


Thistillium Pottery – hand-thrown, high-fired, Medieval inspired porcelain and stoneware functional pottery, plus a few hand-sewn SCA adjacent textile items.…/Thistillium…/100064175885828/


Two Baronesses – winingas, Birka and Rus hooks, peerage, and kingdom buttons. Website:


Vandy Hall Design – Period reproduction and inspired jewelry and blown glass, silks, furs.


Vidar Leatherworks – SCA ring and period style belts and pouches. Other SCA-appropriate leather goods.


Viking Krafts & Sable Fleur Designs – hand forged knives, swords; jewelry


The Washington Shakespearean Festival – Books on Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Age, replica coinage of the Elizabethan era (sold as souvenirs), basic costumes and costume jewelry suitable for theatre productions, period games (Shut the Box, Stick & Ring, Graces…). Pre-order Hangers-on Hangers, extra wide hangers for Renaissance gowns or maille shirts. View at


White Hart Pottery – Pottery Maioloca, Tudor, German Were & Freshen wares.


Classes Offered

We have two classes being offered at 12th Night.
No pre-reg needed – just show up!
The Culture of Roman Baths by Magistrae Julia Sempronia and Pompeia Rufina,
5-6:30 pm, Friday, in the Mediterranean Baths (you can bathe during the class!)
This class will look at how the Roman Bath formed an integral part of Roman culture and its interplay with social status and the system of patronage. We will touch on the social life of the Roman baths by looking into the activities that took place there as well as the types of foods and drinks available to those attending the baths.
Intro to the Renaissance Lute by Gareth Hyre
10-11 am Sunday, Siuslaw Room
No instrument or experience needed. I will have four lutes for the class to use as I teach the basics of holding and playing the lute and reading lute tablature. If you have a guitar (with a capo) or lute to bring, you’re welcome to do so as that will allow more people to participate at once.

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