Tounament of Roses


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Murdoch Sinclair
Date: October 1 , 2016
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on October 1th 2016
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Harold Simpson Memorial Youth Centre
9111 Peach Orchard Road Summerland, BC V0H 1Z0

Well met
to the Good Gentles of An Tir!

From the
mists of the past, before men knew the dullness of peace, no
warrior’s story was complete without travelling far and wide to
foreign lands to test their skills and

Since Iron
and Leather walked out upon those battlefields, Bards have woven
words of inspiration and sang songs of victory and love, giving
reputations howling winds upon which to soar. Those victories would
have been for naught were it not for the Artisans and Craftsmen
creating beauty with their hard work and skill, much envied
throughout the Old Kingdoms.

The Mighty
Lands of Danescombe cry Havoc to all those willing to put their
skills to the test, be it Armoured, Rapier, Bardic, or
We call to you to enter our Mighty Shire to test yourself against
all for the titles of Defender of the Lands of

Bodies will be beaten and reputations shall be forged this coming
fall. Once the grains have been harvested, the ales have been
brewed, and the warriors readied for great deeds upon the combat
field, will there once again be the chance to prove yourself the
victor on this, our Day of Days.

Inspirations of all kinds shall be required for the Combat Lists,
for their presence can forge a warrior’s heart and steel his or her
might against all foes. Banners shall fly and deeds shall ring
true! Songs shall soar and crafts shall be envied for the skills
and knowledge required to create! 

The Shire of Danescombe invites all from the lands about us to
venture forth and grace us with courage, wisdom, honour and craft
in the month of October. We await your arrival for the Tournament
of Roses.

Tournament of

October 1st,

Harold Simpson Memorial Youth Center 
9111 Peach Orchard Road
Summerland B.C.

A&S Defenders

Bardic Defenders

Rapier Defenders Inspirational

Armourned Defenders Inspirational

Site Opens – 9:00AM
$25 Gate fee
$20 Member Fee with discount
Children 18years and under are Free

Armoured AND Rapier Lists open from


A&S Competition Displays open from

Rapier Tournament from 10:30AM-12PM-ish

Lunch 12PM-1PM
Lunch is provided free with your gate fee.  
(Vegetable soup with meat and cheese bunwich and

Bardic Competition from 1:00PM until 2:00PM

Armoured Defenders Tournament 2:00PM until

Defenders Presentatons

Site Closes 5:00

Local Eateries in no particular

Zia’s Stonehouse Restaurant
14015 Rosedale Ave


14404 Rosedale Ave.

14405 Rosedale Ave.

Perch Neighbourhood Pub

Rosedale Ave.

Local Lounge and Grill
12817 Lakeshore Drive South


Event Steward : Murdoch Sinclair
m.k.a Tyler R. Therrien

Co-Event Steward: Kieran Gunn
m.k.a. Kevin Manson

We look forward to seeing

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