Tir Righ June Coronet 2023


Hosted in-person by Device of Principality of Tir Righ

The Principality of Tir Righ

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Rhiannon ap Gwynedd
Date: June 9 , 2023 until June, 11 2023
Site opens at: 1:00 PM on June 9th 2023
Site closes at: 3:00 PM on June 11th 2023

Event site:
Northwood Lodge and Resort
5538 Northwood Road Lac la Hache, BC V0K 1T0

Their Highnessess, Prionsa Arglye MacMillian and Gormflaith Bernadette Ard, welcome you.

Come and join them in the beautiful Shire of Coill Mhor, at their lakeside event.
Witness the XX year Coronet tournament as Tir Righ once again selects its new Heirs.

June Coronet Schedule

June 9-11 2023


12:00 Site opens

 7:30pm Heralds meeting

8:00pm Their Majesties’ and Highness’s roving court

9:00pm Eric social / Vigil

Bardic, Dancing, Stories, Shenanigans!  **** Please leave Eric clean for next day ****


8:00am Lists open for both Tournaments

8:30am Armour Inspection opens.


9:15 AM Assemble for Coronet Processional, with banners, tabards, painted shield, or other heraldic representation required.

9:30 AM Court – Processional and Invocation of BOTH TW AND CORONET LIST

10:00am Armour Inspection continues after court.

10:30am Coronet Tourney Begins

 YAC Tournament-

Will be in between Coronet Tourney rounds, starting 4th round till Finals

Please gather at Eric starting 3rd round to enter, be inspected and prepare to start at 4th Round break.

Sir Alden will be MIC

Both TRM and TH invite all to witness and cheer at both Coronet and Thrown Weapons Finals- all organized event activities will be paused during both Finals

 2:00pm (or after Finals of Coronet Tournament) Thrown Weapons Tournament

4:00pm (or after Finals of Thrown Weapons Tournament)

Companions of the Order of the Rose and of the Valorous Estate Invitational Rapier Tournament.


6:30pm Royal Court followed by Principality Court

Meet the peers right after Court-

They are really friendly, come and find out 😉



 Also, Bardic, Dancing, Stories, Shenanigans! 

Please feel free to bring your favourite beverage and a dish to share.


08:30- 9:30am  Lists open for Squires and Provost’s Tourney, CLOSES AT 9:30 AM

10:00am Squires and Provost’s Tourney ON THE ERICS

Followed by Knights and MOD’s invitational Tourneys

 APPROX 12 NOON — Royal Closing Court

4:00pm  Site closes. 

 Please travel safely home!


“Hear now the words of your Prionsa and Gormflaith:
Greetings Tir Righ.

As the winter storms rage and the wagons of war remain shuttered, the mead halls ring with sounds of warriors keeping skills sharp for the upcoming campaigns and tournaments. It is with the honing of skills in mind that we, Prionsa Argyle and Gormflaith Bernadette Ard wish to bring you news.

So that all contestants may prepare and equip themselves accordingly for our Coronet tournament this June.
We wish for Tir Righ’s 20th Anniversary Coronet to be a display of prowess and a spectacle for all to enjoy.
As such, the following format is to be followed, unless where specified, all weapons specifications to follow ABC’s. An Tir shield size conventions will apply for shields. Tournament will be standard Double Elimination. Authorizations will not be issued on the day. Please come prepared.
Standard lineup and unbelts challenge for Round 1. Remaining rounds up to quarter finals will be Entrants Primary Fighting Style.
At Quarterfinals and for Semifinals the format will be best of 3.
With the following:
#1. Florentine.
Single handed only (grip must clearly be for 1 hand, no hand and a half swords) but weapons may be mixed (axes, swords, maces, oh my!). An homage to our King, and to our Gormflaith Bernadette Ard who favoured Florentine back when she fought.
#2. Sword and Buckler.
Buckler to be a15” diameter, or equivalent area if alternate shape used. No Madu/stick style, this must clearly be a shield, strapped or held. No additional weapons (no dagger and targe style). Bucklers will be available.
#3. Entrants Primary Style (if needed).
Finals to be the best of 5, as follows.
1. Great Swords. 6ft max, everything else per ABCs. A selection of great swords and gauntlets will be available should a finalist not have their own.

2. Sword and buckler as above.
3. Knightly Pole axes. 6ft max, everything else per ABCs. A selection of pole axes and gauntlets will be available should a finalist not have their own.
4. Florentine, as above (if needed).
5. Entrants Primary style (if needed).
A reminder: Authorizations will not be issued on the day. Please come prepared.
Additionally: We will be willing to entertain applications in writing from prospective entrants from outside of Tir Righ. The application must arrive at least 1 month before the tournament, it must detail the personal reason for entering as well as how they would best serve the Principality should they be successful. It must also include a demonstration of a mundane capacity to effectively reign (a discussion we will have with the entrant in advance).
We maintain the Right to Grant or Deny as we feel best serves the populace of Tir Righ, and our intent is to be demanding and judicious in our expectations of any outsiders wishing to vie in our lists. Applications may be submitted to us now but will close on May 10th 2023.

Site: Northwood Lodge
5538 Northwood Rd, Lac la Hache BC.
Event Registration Fees
Adults: $30.00 for adults,
$5 discount for members
Children: COST (18 and under)

*At this time all cabins have been spoken for. Onsite camping is available.
RV spaces are available. $39.00 per night
There are 5 available
Please contact:
Viscountess Lenora Truble lenora.is@.icloud.com

Full shower facilities are on site as well as regular flushies and biffies.

ALL DOGS MUST BE ON A LEASH. The site owners have dogs running around free. NO EXCEPTIONS.

**Water lines at this site are just below the surface in the camping area and will be marked with paint, please don’t drive a spike through a painted water line!!**

The Restaurant onsite is officially closed.

The nearest restaurants are:
The Red Crow at Lac la Hache. (Breakfast and Pizza.)

The Hungry Bear at Lac la Hache. ( Lunch and Dinner)

108 mile there is a full grocery store that also sells liquor.

Mary’s Kitchen (Breakfast and Lunch).

**Accommodation available within 25 minute drive from event.**
Martens Resort
5636Timothy Lake Rd, Lac la Hache
1 250 396 4427

The Lake Motel
4003 Cariboo Hwy, Lac la Hache
1 250 396 4147

108 Golf Resort Hotel
4816 Telqua Dr, 108 Mile
1 250 791 5211

Spruce Hill Resort
4871 Hwy 97, 108 Mile
1 250 791 5225

Volunteer Information
If you have membership and would like to help out at gate please contact:
Lady Helena
AKA Michelle Starlund
Tel: 1 250 267 5188

Merchant Information
Merchants please contact
HL Agata Janisdottir
AKA Christina Urdea
Tel: 250 395 2974
**Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events. By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks. You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.**
This event is held and managed by the Shire of Coill Mhor a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. and is considered the official channel of this group here. Questions regarding its content should be directed to:
EVENT STEWARD myfanwy999@gmail.com and
BRANCH SENESCHAL coillmhor.seneschal@tirrigh.org
People interacting with the event must adhere to the SCA Core value, behave with courtesy, honor, chivalry and respect, even in times of inevitable differences of opinion, and comply with SCA policy and modern law. The SCA prohibits harassment and bullying of all individuals and groups. Hate speech is not tolerated in the Society. Hate speech is speech or symbols that offend, threaten, or insult individuals or groups, based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or other traits.

This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Royal Presence - King
Royal Presence - Queen
Royal Presence - Heirs
Royal Presence - Tir Righ
Has Merchants
Has Heavy Fighting activities
Has Archery activities
Has Thrown Weapon activities
Has Bardic activities
Has Arts & Sciences activities
Allows pets (check for details)

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