Tir Righ August Investiture


Hosted by Device of Principality of Tir Righ

The Principality of Tir Righ

and Device of Lions Gate

The Barony of Lions Gate (Vancouver, BC )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Jaqueline Lefleur
Date: August 23 , 2013 until August, 25 2013
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on August 23th 2013
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on August 25th 2013

Event site:
Albion Fairgrounds
23448 105th Ave. Maple Ridge, BC V2W 1G3

Tir Righ August Investiture Barony of Lions Gate August
23­-25, 2013 Vancouver, BC The Barony of Lions Gate invites you
to witness the first investiture of the second decade for the
Principality of Tir Righ! Rejoice as Ulfgar Hjartar Bani
Thorvaldsson and Juahara al Azin ascend to the Storm Thrones.
Witness the Final Court of Their Highnesses Prince Christian Bane
and Princess Heléne d’Anjou and the Investiture of the

Discover who will become the next Scorer (target archery
champion) and Scourge (heavy champion) of Tir Righ.

All archers
who are vying to become the Scorer of the Tir Righ are strongly
encouraged to bring the person who is their inspiration, and their
heraldry, and attend in full archery kit at the invocation of the
list in Court.

Also for your enjoyment:

target archery arcuarius tournament – not an arcuarius, become an
arcuarius-for-a-day; archery night shoot (glowing rings!)
rapier cadet’s tournament and White Scarf invitational
A&S displays and Guilds
three days of classes
Terrific Ten Tir Righ artisan competition (like the Dirty Dozen
Donation Derby, but with ten items!)
Book silent auction
Tir Righ Officer Scrum – like a meet and greet – Ever wonder how
Tir Righ ticks? Who are the cogs that keeps our game running
smoothly? Find out and chat informally with the officers of the
children’s events – Friday night games classes, Saturday games
competition, Saturday Heraldic treasure hunt and Sunday IKAC
archery competition
Bardic square and Bardic Busking in Tir Righ square!
and come spend your coin on the fine wares of our talented


Adults $20 (plus $5 NMS for adult non-members) Youth 13-18 $10
Children 0-12 free. Family cap $60. Merchants fee $10 or donation
of an item.

No day-only fee. US $ at par. Make cheques payable to “Barony of
Lions Gate”.

Event Steward

Jaqueline Lefleur (Kirsten Masse)

778-355-4906 (no calls after 9:30 pm, please)



Albion Fair Grounds 23448 – 105 Avenue, Maple Ridge, BC,
V2W 1B8

Opens 3 pm Friday, closes 5 pm Sunday.

This is a dry site.

Smoking in designated areas.

Off-leash dog run from 6 am to 10 pm. Please pick up after your
animal and deposit in the appropriate recepticle. Keep you pets
leashed or caged outside the dog run.

Site has potable water, sinks, flush toilets and showers.

Garbage bin and containers on site; recyclables will be
collected at gate departure for donation.

Limited RV parking.; please contact event steward for more

Fire regulations: currently only portable campfire units with
gas or liquid fuel with a flame below 6″ are permitted. Place on
gravel or a non-burning surface like tile. No wood or sparking
campfires. No tiki torches. Candles are permitted.


The site has an unfenced creek running through it. It is slow,
but heavily screened by brush and bushes. Please mind your young

A mother bear and her two cubs have been sighted in the area.
Consider keeping aromatic foods in your vehicle overnight.




1200 Site opens for set up crews, MICS and merchants

1500 Gate opens for populace – drop off your Token competition

1800 Friday classes

        Games with Maighstir
Uilliam – children and adult

2013 Sunset

2030 Torchlight archery shoot


0900 Laurel meeting

1000 Pelican meeting

1000 Opening of archery lists

1030 Closing of archery lists

1100 Opening Court

         Invocation of the
lists for Archery

1130 Archery Championship Begins

       Terrific Ten Favorite
Fundraiser station opens (small covered picnic area)

        Book silent auction
opens (small covered picnic area)

        A&S and Guild
display opens (small covered picnic area)

        Classes (to 1400)
(covered picnic area)

        Games board decorating
competition (covered picnic area)

        Children’s Heraldic
Treasure hunt station opens (at Heraldry point)

1130 Tir Righ Officer Scrum (to 1230)(covered picnic area)

1200 Chivalry

1300 Archery finals

1400 Final Court of Their Highnesses Christian and

        Classes suspend

        A&S display

        Terrific Ten Favorite
Fundraiser closes

1600 Investiture Court of Heirs

1730 Dinner (or upon completion of Court)

1800 Book Silent Auction closes – last bid in,
wins! ($1 increments)

1830 Squire’s Tourney (Riding ring 1)

        Cadet’s Tourney (Riding
ring 2)

        Evening classes (to
2000) (covered picnic area)

        Children’s games
tournament (small covered picnic area)

2000 Knight’s Torchlight Invitational (Riding ring 1)

        White Scarf Invitational
(Riding ring 2)

2130 Eric Party (Riding ring 1)


830 Financial

900 Curia

900 lists open for Tir Righ Heavy Championship

930 Lists close

930 Armour inspection

1000 Sunday opening court

        Invocation of heavy

1030 Tourney for Tir Righ Heavy Champion (Riding ring 1)

1100 Children/Youth/Yeoman IKAC fun shoot

        SCA Garage Sale
Fundraiser (small covered picnic area)

        Sunday classes (to

1230 Arcuarius Target Archery Tourney (archery range)

1400 Closing Court

1700 Site Closes (garbage in the bin and drop off your

Classes Schedule

TUTR Classes at Investiture
August 23, 24, 25 2013

Please forward freely to local groups.

All the classes will be held in the larger picnic shelter (other
than special location classes like the intro to Target Archery

The guild displays, arts and science competitions, book sale, SCA
Garage sale, and Officers scrum are all going to be held in the
smaller picnic shelter (holds 9 tables) at different times on

different days.

In Service Aelana Cordovera

FRIDAY 6 – 8 pm

Games – Uilliam mac Fearchair mhie Gillie Aindreas

Wool Applique – Tanikh bint Farida al Bakim

SATURDAY 11:30 – 2 pm

Guild Demos

Ylas Annasdottir – Finger weaving at Guild Display

Myrrim de Lancaster – Metal Decoration at Guild Display

Marie – Scribal at Guild Display

Wymarcha Hektanah Dorion –
Chain Mail at Guild Display

Godyth of Goosfoot Mead –


Rolled Hems for Veils or Handkerchiefs – HL Tanikh bint Farida al

SCA Anthropology 101 – Dame
Tsivia bas Tamare v’Amberview

SATURDAY 6:30 – 8 pm

Alchemy – Dr Carus

Medieval Cooking – M. Tomas de Montroig

Intro to Beadwork – Gekko Keychain – HL Wymarcha Hektanah


SUNDAY 11 am – 2 pm

Knotwork Designs – Dame Elena de

Wire Weaving – Dame Elena
de Maisnilwarin

Nalbinding – HL Ceridwen Ravenhawk

Bookbinding – HL Aelana Cordovera

Basic Norse Wire Weaving Dame Elena de Maisnilwarin

Length: 2 hours Cost: Free Min 1 student, max 6

Description: Learn the basic techniques of Norse wire weaving.
Materials for working in class and a handout will be provided.
Students can bring needle nose pliers and wire cutters if they

them. Note that this class does not include findings. Please, no
children under 14

Beginners Nalbinding HL Cerridwen Ravenhawk of Conway

2 hours $5 min 2 max 5

Bring nalbinding needle or borrow instructor’s, scissors,
paper, pen
Students will learn how to do one stitch and work on a project. A
hand out and wool will be provided.

Introduction to Alchemy, by Dr. Carus of Burn Abbey

2 hrs, $1 per student for the handout Min 1, max 6

Its major goals, methods, achievements, texts and personalities,
from Ancient to Early Modern times; notes provided.

Each student should bring a pen or pencil.

Intro to Bead Weaving – Bead Gecko Wymarcha Hektanah Doiron

Cost: $1 for beads and key ring.

Free if you bring your own beads and string.

Learn the basic moves to freehand (no loom) a bead gecko, from
which a variety of other figures can be made. A handout with other
figures to try on your own will be provided.

Age 5+ (I have large plastic pony beads for kids, and seed beads
for adults)

Intro to Bookbinding Aelana Cordovera

(2 hours) Max 8 Cost $ 7 for extensive handout and supplies

includes making a basic

floralegium (soft cover book) as well as a discussion of historical

materials and technniques. Samples of different structures will be
available to examine. Students will fold paper into quires, sew and
cover a basic paper book.

All materials and tools will be supplied, but students may

ruler, pencil, bone folder, triangle, awl if they have them on

Knotwork Designs for paper, embroider or metal D. Elena de

Learn how to design these complex patterns for scrolls, embroidery
or metal work. All tools and Materials will be provided Min 2 max 8
Cost TBA

Rolled Hems HL Tanikh bint Farida al bakim

2 hours $ 1.50 for handout and cost of linen handkerchief min 1
maximum 6

Students should bring fine needles, thimble, white thread, linen, a
small dish for water (drink mug will do).

This class will cover 3 methods of making rolled hems for various
weights of cloth, from fine silk through fine and heavy linen to
woolProjects can be hankies for largess or a veil or hankie for


SCA Anthropology
101    Dame   TSivia bas Tamare

hours Free min 4 – max 30
As a
member of the SCA for over 40 years the instructor has lived in
three kingdoms and has visited all but one (Lochac). Mundanely an
anthropologist, Dame TSivia invites all and sundry to discuss the
differences between kingdoms, from “Count/ess by courtesy” to
“King’s Word is Law” and sumptuary laws.  Some differences
will surprise, others will entertain, and all prove that our
Society is indeed, a family of diverse and wonderful cultures which
embody The Dream.

there is time remaining Dame TSivia will also give attendees
suggestions on how to phrase their SCA experience for their mundane


Survey of Medieval Cookery
– M Tomas de Montroig

2 hrs. Free. Min 1 Max

A survey of medieval
western cuisine and cookery prior to 1485 to include ingredients,
techniques, and their translation to the Current Middle Ages.

Discussion of examples from the instructor’s cookbook. Suggested
reading handout. A limited number of copies of the instructor’s
cookbook will be available on-site for $12 (US/CAN).


Target Archery Marshalling – Archery Marshalling Intro M John

Minimum 2 Max 6 Cost: Free

Must have an archery background and be SCA memebers in order to
receive their marshals cards.

Bring archery gear if you have it but not required.


Wool Appliqué Embroidery HL Tanikh bint Farida al bakim

2 hours $2.50 for handout and supplies

Examples from Coptic tombs to Elizabethan furniture have been found
using this technique. Learn how easy it is to do the type of
needlework used to make Cometessa Morgaine’s Coronation

Students may bring a small hoop, tapestry needles (sharps &/or
blunts) and if you have them, scraps of wool fabric and tapestry

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