Tir Righ A&S and Bardic Championship


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Tristan of Seagirt
Date: September 26 , 2015
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on September 26th 2015
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
James Bay New Horizons Society – don’t use this one-
234 Menzies St. Victoria, BC V8T 5H9

Righ A&S and Bardic Championships
September 26th, 2015

The time of the Tir Righ A&S and Bardic
Championship draws nigh!  In the fair Barony of Seagirt
Come join Prince Vikingr and Princess Lishinia and bear witness to
the selection of a new Skald and Scholar of Tir Righ.  As well as the competitions
there will we much revelry and merriment, with a potluck and Tavern
night on Saturday Evening.  For the Potluck,The Barony of
Seagirt will provide the main course; attendees are asked to bring
sides and desserts. A full grocery store is located near the event
site.  TUTR sessions will take place as well an informal Heavy
Fight Practice along with Cut and Thrust.   Viscount
Sir Kerrigan urges attendees to bring their
armor and join him!


Event Schedule:


 7:00pm – 10:00pm – Site open for A&S Display
drop-off.  *Please note complete set up of A&S displays
will not be possible Friday night.*


 8:00am – Gate/Site Opens

9:00am – Opening Court (swearing in competitors)

9:30am – Judges and entrants meeting

10:00am to 3pm – A&S & Bardic Judging

10:00am to 4:30pm – TUTR Sessions

3:00-4:00pm – L.O.V.E. Meeting

4:00-5:00pm – Laurel’s Meeting

5:30 pm – Principality Court

6:30 pm – Potluck

8:30 pm – Dance

11:30pm – Clean up

12:00am – Site Closes




 Some very Exciting classes
will be held at the Event.   Anyone wishing to
pre-register for a class to reserve their spot please email the
Event Steward using the link on this page.



Banner Painting “Getting Your Heraldry On”


Taught by Archos
Aline de Seez


Class Length: 12:30pm – 4:30pm (4


Number of
Participants: 2-8


Description:  Have you
ever wanted to have one of those fluttery banners, bravely flying
over your encampment? But painting silk seems so very scary. Well
in my quest to have people “Get their Heraldry On” I am offering a
simple introduction to painting silk. We will also cover period


Students should
bring a simple design to paint approx. 8″x8″. (Not too detailed).
If you have a device then perhaps bring one element of it to use.
We will be painting a 10″x10″ silk square. (I will be supplying the
silk, dyes and resists for you to use) If you have water colour
brushes (or fine pointed brushes) then please bring them. 3
pre-framed silk squares will be available to the first 3








Taught by Lady


Class Time Length:
 10am-12:00pm (2


Number of Participants:


Description:  A brief
discourse on how to brew mead; Students will learn all the
equipment and techniques required to brew a basic mead.  Attendees under the age of 19
must be accompanied by an adult.


Cost: $1.00




with Runes


Taught by HL
Taliesin ap Hafgan


Class Time
Length:  2:30pm – 4:30 pm (2 Hours)


Number of
Participants: 4-8  


Description:   The art of writing in Viking runes
(also known as the Elder Futhark)., the sacred alphabet of the
Germanic peoples of Northern Europe.  The class will offer
basic instruction on the history of runes, their meaning and the
writing of the characters.  


Runes are steeped
in history & spirituality and were commonly used for
divination.  Some consider runes to be an ancient oracle
particularly when considered in the history, stories and myths of
the Vikings and Norse.   The very name ‘rune’
derives from the ancient Gothic ‘runa’ meaning a secret
or a mystery (Runes, Dee, J  001)








Taught by HL
Taliesin ap Hafgan


Time:  10:00am –
12:00pm (2 Hours)


Number of
Participants: 4-8


Description:  Uncials, introduced in the 3rd Century is a
majuscule alphabet (upper case only), historically used by monks
for the writing of religious books and manuscripts. 
Uncial’s broad single stroke letters use simple round forms,
taking advantage of the newly available parchment and vellum
surfaces, as opposed to the angular, multiple stroke letters more
suited to the rougher surfaces previously available.


Students will be
introduced to the basic Uncial alphabet and how to form each of the
letters of the alphabet.


Supplies, tools
etc. will be supplied by instructor.  For this class the
instructor will provide chisel nib felt pens for use in the
class.  Students are welcome to bring their own pens, ink and
paper if they prefer to use a regular nib.  A C-2 Speedball
nib or its equivalent is recommended. 






Twinning (Weaving)


Taught by HL
Topher Mackenzie


Time: 12:30pm – 2:30pm (2


Number of
Participants: 4-8


Description:  In this
class you will learn Twining technique to construct a small
basket.  This technique is used in various weaving styles, in
everything from Basket making to Tapestries and material weaving.
This it a medieval art form the technique is valuable in medieval
and mundane projects.  


Students may not
complete the full project in class but will be shown how to finish
it before the end of class.


will be provided at class.


Cost: $5.00


Site feesfor the event
will be:

Adults: $20 ($5 NMS will apply) ,Youth (13-18):  $10, Children
12 and under – Free
(Please Make Cheques payable to “The Barony of



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